The Storm

“Do you think this is going to have a happy ending?” He shouted as they marched through the dust storm.

Wind whipped their clothes, embedding dirt and sand into every crease and fold of clothing. Her heir was a tangled mess and her skin stung from the thousands of particles fired at her from the storm.

“What do you mean? Happy is a retaliative term.” She shouted into the wind.

“Like not total disaster.”

“Which would entail what exactly?”

“I don’t know!” He huffed and walked faster leaving her slightly behind him. “Why are you so infuriating?”

“I’m just trying to understand you.” She muttered too softly to be heard over the storm.

“Hurry up, we don’t want to get separated in this weather.”

She obliged walking faster over the slippery sand to keep up with his long strides. He seemed to never run out of energy while she was getting exhausted from battling the elements and trying to keep her footing.

“What if we can’t find them?” She stumbled over the sand.

“That would be bad.”

“So disaster?”

“Well us not finding them and then dying would be the worse case. A not happy ending.”

She nodded her understanding, though she doubted he saw it through the storm. The wind seemed to be lightening up a bit, but sandstorms could last for days.

“I see you’re ship!” She pointed excitedly at the hulking metal structure just visible though the blasting sand.

They took off running towards it. He pounded on the hull of the ship until they opened the hatch to let them inside.

“I’m so glad we found you!” He panted shaking sand out of his clothes and hair.

“Did you think we would leave without you?” His captain asked.

“I know you would not leave your first mate behind, we were worried you were also lost in the storm.” She said to the captain.

The captain nodded, “We leave this desert of a planet in fifteen minutes, get to your stations.”

“You’re coming with us, right?” He asked taking her hand in his.

“I cannot, I have to stay here. This is my home.”

“I left my home and I’ve been doing okay.” His smile didn’t reach his eyes.

“Space does not agree with my species. You know this.”

“It would be a happy ending if you did.”

“Is it disaster if I stay here?” Her voice broke on the last word, betraying her.

He touched her cheek. “I would break my heart.”

She sobbed tears running in trails down her dirty face. Her eyes stung from the salt. Leaving her planet would mean death, but staying meant never seeing him again.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He soothed.

“I cannot go and I cannot stay.”

“Ten minutes.” The captain announced.

“Can you stay here instead?” She pleaded.

“I’ve got to help run the ship.”

“But…” She sighed knowing it was useless to argue with humans, “I need to stay on my own planet.”

He lowered the ramp and she hopped out. She scurried away from the ship to avoid being cooked by the lift off procedure. Once at a safe distance she looked at the majestic ship and waved. dust stuck to the places on her cheeks that were wet from tears. The storm raged around her as she shuffled back to her people.





Wedding Toast Maid of Honor

She took the microphone from the best man. “If Leah hadn’t married Henry I’m pretty sure we would have married each other. We cried together when Henry was being a dick, I’m pretty sure we kept Ben and Jerry’s in business. Our girl’s night outings were legendary. The road for these two has not been easy, and I’m sure Leah will come over and we will eat out hearts out again. Henry will take care of her. He has to or else.”

There was a mild laugh from the crowd. Henry looked at her with a half concealed glare.

Her voice shook as she continued, “Forever is a very long time, I guess Henry will get use to me always being around by the end of it. Vice versa as well. To forever.”

The crowd cheered and clinked their glasses.

Wedding Toast

“A toast to the happy couple.” The best man raised his glass. “These two have been through so much together, sometimes I wasn’t sure if they were going to make it but her they are. Married at last. They had probably the longest engagement I have ever heard of, but I think this party will make up for it.”

He looked at the blushing bride and handsome groom, “I remember when Henry told me he wanted to marry Leah. First of all we were very drunk, I told him it was a stupid idea, and he went out and bought a ring the next day still drunk. I am really glad he returned it and got you a good sized rock, and didn’t propose while we were fifteen.”

A chuckle rippled though the crowd.

:”There is not a more perfect person that my best friend could be marrying today, I’m glad to told him yes.” He hoisted his glass and drained it. There was a cheer and the clinking of glasses as everyone toasted the happy couple.

book bombing

(There is an artistic movement called book bombing were you leave slips of paper inside books at a library or bookstore with artwork or advice)

She browsed the bookstore looking for that one book, the one that she would read for the next three to fourteen days. She had just finished a particularly large volume about a dystopian society where children were forced to fight to gain food for their friends and family.

She was thinking she wanted something happier, something lighter. She browsed the romance section and nothing caught her eye, strolled through historical fiction, pausing momentarily to read the blurb on the back of one book. She continued though fantasy and science fiction, through children’s books and all of the non fiction section. With a sigh she sat in one of the over stuffed chairs. She looked at the cover and opened the historical fiction book to a random page seeing if she liked the writers style.

A tiny piece of paper slid out as she flipped the pages.

She picked it up out of her lap and looked at the picture on it, a black and white fish with lots of detail. It looked like it would be a perfect bookmark. It was signed by whoever made the fish with their email address on the back.

She thought it might be a sign to read this particular book. A little more page flipping and a crisp five dollar bill slid out. She looked at it with surprise. It was almost enough to pay for the book.

“Huh…” She stood up with the five dollars, and the fish drawing, and the book.  “I guess I’ll get it.”

She headed to the front desk and plopped the book down on the counter. Paid for it and headed home to send the artist a quick email.


I wanted to thank you for the book you bought me today. And the fish it is really cute.”

She signed it and sent it off. Sighing she read the book that had come recommended by this total stranger.


“No,” She said looking at the diamond at the bottom of her glass.

“Babe that ring set me back $3480.” He pleaded as she plucked the ring out with her pinky finger.

“This is silver not gold, meaning most of that cost was on a stupid clear rock.” She dropped the wet ring on the table. “That is a stupid amount to spend on a rock.”

“But its sparkly.” He picked it up and dried it off on the bottom of his shirt.

“You got swindled.”

“I did not.”

“Did you get paperwork?”

“I got a receipt.”

“You should return it then…” She said pushing it away from her when he held it out for her. “You know I don’t want diamonds. Next time take me with you.”

“That would ruin the surprise!”

She laughed, “No it will save you a ton of money. That’s not the reason why I love you, you boob.”

“The guy said you would love it.”

“The guy wanted to make money.” She drank her champagne. “I’ll marry you but not with this ring.”

“Fine,” He sulked.