Just before

She touched her delicate finger to her pale pink lips. Her blonde hair hung into her sparkling green eyes as she leaned in. It cascaded over her shoulders in pale waves brushing the thin straps of her coral tank top on the way down. A smile tried to free itself as she backed away, her flip flops smacking the ground. She turned and flounced away her white skirt floating around her muscular legs. She kicked off her white flip flops bending to pick them up. She laughed a bright clear sound, in the dark house.

She felt his strong arms wrap around her and his rugged face nestle into her wavy hair. She heard him take a deep breath smelling her citrus scented body spray. The soft fabric of her shirt gathered under his fingers, warm on her pale stomach. It inched upwards. She could hear his breathing in her ear. She could feel the scratchy fabric of his button up shirt on her back as he pulled her tank top over her head.

She slowly turned around to face him, meeting his dark eyes. There was too little light in the kitchen for her to see all of the colors in them, but she knew they were there. His hands were on her waist, the ground disappeared from under her bare feet. She held onto his shoulders. Their lips met and she lost herself.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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