book bombing

(There is an artistic movement called book bombing were you leave slips of paper inside books at a library or bookstore with artwork or advice)

She browsed the bookstore looking for that one book, the one that she would read for the next three to fourteen days. She had just finished a particularly large volume about a dystopian society where children were forced to fight to gain food for their friends and family.

She was thinking she wanted something happier, something lighter. She browsed the romance section and nothing caught her eye, strolled through historical fiction, pausing momentarily to read the blurb on the back of one book. She continued though fantasy and science fiction, through children’s books and all of the non fiction section. With a sigh she sat in one of the over stuffed chairs. She looked at the cover and opened the historical fiction book to a random page seeing if she liked the writers style.

A tiny piece of paper slid out as she flipped the pages.

She picked it up out of her lap and looked at the picture on it, a black and white fish with lots of detail. It looked like it would be a perfect bookmark. It was signed by whoever made the fish with their email address on the back.

She thought it might be a sign to read this particular book. A little more page flipping and a crisp five dollar bill slid out. She looked at it with surprise. It was almost enough to pay for the book.

“Huh…” She stood up with the five dollars, and the fish drawing, and the book.  “I guess I’ll get it.”

She headed to the front desk and plopped the book down on the counter. Paid for it and headed home to send the artist a quick email.


I wanted to thank you for the book you bought me today. And the fish it is really cute.”

She signed it and sent it off. Sighing she read the book that had come recommended by this total stranger.


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