Character: Lim

Lim was born low in elven society, to a castle cook and a Fletcher. He was small for his race, when he was fully grown he was just over five feet tall. Always being the smallest had its disadvantages, bullies being the worst of them. He often found himself spending more time with the woodland creatures.

He rescued many a critter from snares set by human hunters in their sacred woods. He knew his destiny would be to be a Fletcher like his father. He spent most of his childhood in the woods. Childhood was important to the elves, they felt the short time they were allowed to be children was a time that could not get back.

He started to learn his craft in adolescence from his father. He spent time in the kitchens with his mother, gathering knowledge from her as well. The castle was an interesting place to be, full of hustle and bustle. On several occasions he caught glimpses of the royal family. They were the most beautiful elves in the whole kingdom. They never stopped to look at the kitchen staff when they brought food out, so Lim went wholly unnoticed.

As he grew older he felt he could accomplish more than his birth rank would allow. He started to talk to other elves who lived around him, trying to learn more skills. He soon mastered metal working, and paper making. He learned them quickly, and took up more, script, potion making, healing, spell casting.

Word of his accomplishments traveled to the royal family. He received a letter with the royal seal on it. He could either stop what he was doing, or be killed. He didn’t see anything wrong with what he was trying to do. He left the city taking his skills with him. He went into the forest to learn without the threat from the crown looming over his head.

His friends in the kingdom would bring him books so he could continue to expand his knowledge. After many years of exile he started to get visitors he wasn’t expecting. Young children were turning up in his yard. He didn’t chase them off, allowing them to play their games in his wildflower beds.

He watched them grow in his yard, knowing this freedom would be a very small part of their lives. He got a knock on the door. On his doorstep was a boy, old enough to start learning his trade. The boy wanted help mastering a particularly difficult technique of stripping feathers for arrows. Lim obliged, having many techniques to teach the boy.

The boy came by often asking questions about everything imaginable. Lim shared his knowledge willingly. Teaching the boy everything he wanted to know. He did not know the boy visiting him was the prince until a royal battalion showed up at his doorstep demanding his appearance at the castle. He complied because he had no choice.

The hearing was quick. The princess sat on the throne with her parents and her husband beside her. The boy stood at his mothers side, pleading loudly for Lim’s life. They spared his life, and allowed him to be part of the community, seeing how much better her son’s life was with his satisfied curiosity. He would be part of the court if he wished, as a honored scholar. Lim chose to stay in his cottage in the wood, but he would take on any students that wished to know more. The prince was the most excited about the decision and hugged Lim, much to everyone’s surprise.

He spent the rest of his days teaching anyone who chose to visit him about a variety of topics, and learning more all the time. He often traded knowledge, skills that he had for skills that he lacked. He understood he was not a master of all things even with his extensive knowledge.


Character: Edmund

Named by his well read parents for the character in the Chronicles of Narnia  by C. S. Lewis. He had a fairly normal childhood, friends, rebelling against his parents, school work. No extraordinary events for this brown hair little boy. His studious nature was encouraged by his parents, his mother, Assistant Processor in Anthropology and his father, Director of Excellence for a large corporation. He played baseball through high school. He grew to be tall and lanky. College was a breeze for him, he graduated with honors.

He had trouble finding a job in his field of Mathematics that suited his schedule, and remained unemployed for a year after graduation, moving back in with his parents. His home town seemed too small for him now that he was grown. He dated a variety of women but none suited his taste. He returned to his university to get a masters degree, which would allow him to pursue the career he dreamed of.

A part time job in IT and graduate student teaching saw him through to finishing his degree. His parents were both so proud of him. A car accident threatened to take all his hard work away, three weeks in a medically induced coma and two lost limbs showed him his true love, his physical therapist.

Unrequited love  broke his heart. He couldn’t find the passion in anything anymore. Solving math equations did not hold the spark it use to. Trying to derive theories  and prove that the advanced equations held true under strenuous conditions even trying to find more digits of pi was unfulfilling.  His family was concerned about him.

Many years later, as an older gentleman, he realized his of math again. He opened a tutoring facility for the inner city children who lived only a few miles from his parents home, where he currently resided.