Super Hero: Captain Crafty

Captain Crafty isn’t your everyday super hero. She doesn’t necessarily fight crime, but would be able to supply essentials to super hero teams. Need mittens for a stake out? Done. Need a killer disguise, way better than just a baseball cap and hoodie, she will whip out her costuming skills and bam you are now Twilight Sparkle for under twenty bucks. Blankets? She laughs in the face of blankets. Crochet, knit, quilts she does them all. Is your super hero outfit looking a little drab or in need of repairs? She’s got you covered.

Sewing faster than a speeding bullet, hot gluing entire buildings, bedazzling everything in her path, its Captain Crafty.

If the Avengers were to ask me to join their team, I would be their Edna Mode (from the Incredibles). I would rock the disguise department, and it would give them more money to spend on gadgets. I once made an entire Heather (from Silent Hill) cosplay for five bucks. Not to brag, but I can crochet pretty well too, making scarves, hats, blankets, mittens. Imagine Captain America incognito with a retro Captain America crochet hat. Or the team with matching Christmas sweaters.