Wedding Toast Maid of Honor

She took the microphone from the best man. “If Leah hadn’t married Henry I’m pretty sure we would have married each other. We cried together when Henry was being a dick, I’m pretty sure we kept Ben and Jerry’s in business. Our girl’s night outings were legendary. The road for these two has not been easy, and I’m sure Leah will come over and we will eat out hearts out again. Henry will take care of her. He has to or else.”

There was a mild laugh from the crowd. Henry looked at her with a half concealed glare.

Her voice shook as she continued, “Forever is a very long time, I guess Henry will get use to me always being around by the end of it. Vice versa as well. To forever.”

The crowd cheered and clinked their glasses.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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