“No,” She said looking at the diamond at the bottom of her glass.

“Babe that ring set me back $3480.” He pleaded as she plucked the ring out with her pinky finger.

“This is silver not gold, meaning most of that cost was on a stupid clear rock.” She dropped the wet ring on the table. “That is a stupid amount to spend on a rock.”

“But its sparkly.” He picked it up and dried it off on the bottom of his shirt.

“You got swindled.”

“I did not.”

“Did you get paperwork?”

“I got a receipt.”

“You should return it then…” She said pushing it away from her when he held it out for her. “You know I don’t want diamonds. Next time take me with you.”

“That would ruin the surprise!”

She laughed, “No it will save you a ton of money. That’s not the reason why I love you, you boob.”

“The guy said you would love it.”

“The guy wanted to make money.” She drank her champagne. “I’ll marry you but not with this ring.”

“Fine,” He sulked.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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