Sister Planets

It took months of travel and secrecy to get her to the planet. She had explored the rich cities, realizing how similar their worlds were. There was a lot to gain from an alliance for both sides, but tempers were high. They had tried for an open alliance hundreds of years ago, and it fell through because of a similar circumstance as the one currently threatening their relationship.

None of the general population ever knew of the alliances, and the parliaments were ready to back out. They were terrified of the influence the other planet would have over their people if contact was formally approved.

She hid in the wings of the debate hall, her supporters near by ready to push her out into the spotlight when the time was right. Her hands were sweaty, and her mouth was dry. The proposal was introduced, Amark planet three alliance with Sun planet three. She twisted her hands together as each of the leaders gave their reasons why the alliance should not pass. There were only three who were in support out of ten. She got the signal and walked out onto the stage.

The crowed gasped at her. Humans and Sasida looked very similar, both being bipedal, with forward facing eyes, and similar skull structure. The differences were mainly in height and physical ability. It almost looked like she was looking out over a crowd of humans instead of aliens.

She wiped her sweaty hands on her jeans and took a deep breath. “I am from Earth, and I speak for all of the people of Earth as decided by the SGAC.”

There was stunned silence, one of the leaders stood up as if to counter her argument. She placed the paperwork on the table before all the leaders.

“I am here to let all of you know that Earth is willing to try to start fresh. We know were were the ones to fail you last time, and we regret it. Our planets are like sisters, evolving like twins separated at birth. Identical suns, planet positions, and habitats.”

There was a murmur of discontent. She pulled out her phone, “What is your personal calling number?”

The delegate closest to her whispered their number. She quickly typed it in and hit call. Much to everyone’s surprise the call went through.

“Even our technology is similar. My phone from Earth should not have been able to place that call unless you have networks almost identical to the ones back home. We are more similar than we are different. We are attempting to build bridges after thousands of years of isolation. We are well aware of our imperfections and our dark past. We should all proceed with caution, but Earth is going to attempt to make it right and move forward, we hope you do the same.”

She bowed and hurried off the stage.



Super Hero: Captain Crafty

Captain Crafty isn’t your everyday super hero. She doesn’t necessarily fight crime, but would be able to supply essentials to super hero teams. Need mittens for a stake out? Done. Need a killer disguise, way better than just a baseball cap and hoodie, she will whip out her costuming skills and bam you are now Twilight Sparkle for under twenty bucks. Blankets? She laughs in the face of blankets. Crochet, knit, quilts she does them all. Is your super hero outfit looking a little drab or in need of repairs? She’s got you covered.

Sewing faster than a speeding bullet, hot gluing entire buildings, bedazzling everything in her path, its Captain Crafty.

If the Avengers were to ask me to join their team, I would be their Edna Mode (from the Incredibles). I would rock the disguise department, and it would give them more money to spend on gadgets. I once made an entire Heather (from Silent Hill) cosplay for five bucks. Not to brag, but I can crochet pretty well too, making scarves, hats, blankets, mittens. Imagine Captain America incognito with a retro Captain America crochet hat. Or the team with matching Christmas sweaters.

Discover Challenge: Animal

via Discover Challenge: Animal


My beautiful blue budgie, Lady Mr. Birdie Snow is like a toddler sometimes.  She won’t eat her fruits and veggies, in spite of four years and so many techniques to get her to do so. She demands attention all the time. Talking on the phone, bird in your face, and usually they can hear her squeaking on the other end. Doing dishes, bird in your face. Watching TV she’s singing along to the theme song, which is pretty darn cute. And she poops on everything, but hey she has to go every 10-15 minutes. That’s about my information limit on toddlers, they poop, they’re loud, they picky and I know they are a lot more work than a bird is. A bird is about as close to a toddler as I want to get.

She also likes to get her picture taken, SnapChat videos are her thing. She can hear herself squeaking on the phone and answers back its pretty cute. She can’t talk, usually that’s a male budgie thing, but she makes R2D2 noises and laser sounds. She likes men more than women, I think its the beards.She likes to do a ‘budgie run’ across the back of the couch and eat my hair while I’m watching Netflix. Birdie Bath Time is adorable, she runs in and out of the running faucet, this little fluffy wet budgie sticking her head in and looking surprised that she got wet.

And she terrorizes my cat Galactus.

He is a  15 lb sleepy kitty loaf with moments of uncontrollable rage. Cuddling on the couch and suddenly its time to run up the stairs then back down, and to the basement, and back up and across the couch, into his box fort, swat your butt when you walk by, then its sleepy cuddle time again. Cuddling for him means laying right next to you with maybe his front two paws on your leg, but too many pets and he’ll scoot a foot away.

When he was a baby (last year) he picked out a monkey toy and he carries it around the house like a trophy. Its cute now, but it use to be hilarious when the toy was as big as he was. He usually comes when you call him, and he can stand up to put his paws on our table. We have a step stool in the kitchen (Because I am short) and he uses it to see what’s cooking and beg for food or steal lettuce out of my salad.

He will literally eat anything. The most common saying in the house is “What are you eating?” Yesterday he pulled a piece of clear tape off the back of the couch and tried to eat it. I found it and he tried to eat it out of my hand while I took it to the trash. Cold hot glue droplets nom nom time. A scrap of paper, yummy. Any unattended beverage including my coffee this morning, free game. I was gone for like 30 seconds and his nose was in it. Tiny piece of potato chip from under the couch, yarn scrap from god knows where, sweat pants string while you’re not looking, all fine for him to eat. His own food that he spilled on the floor, nah.

He hasn’t tried to eat the bird, in spite of her dive bombing him and running up to his face on the couch.