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“‘It wasn’t’ she said.  ‘It wasn’t my fault” She reading the report out loud to the court. “Why would you say that then plead guilty?”

The girl on the stand shrugged.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it can’t be a coincidence that her story would  change so drastically after being interrogated by the two police officers with the most false confessions on record.”

“Objection!” The persecution shouted.

The judge have him a salty look. He had objected at every point she presented, the judge was getting tired of the interruptions.  “You do that again and I’ll hit you with an obstruction of justice.”

He sat down with a huff.

“You can see her interrogation lasted 36 hours. And you can plainly see the tactics the officers employed to get her to confess to a crime that she didn’t commit.” She paced past the stand, “The evidence submitted to the court even points that she couldn’t have done it. The wounds were inflicted by someone at least a foot taller and one hundred pounds heavier.  The victim fought back, but my client had no injuries. She is just a scared little girl. The defense rests.”

The court case droned on for five more hours. The persecution was throwing everything at them, but the facts were on their  side. In the end the jury decided she was innocent. She spoke briefly with the girls parents, who had hired her, before leaving for the day.

She wished every case was that easy to win. Tomorrow’s case would be difficult.  The evidence was very circumstantial over half of it had already been thrown out. A few wrong words and she could blow the whole thing and send an innocent man to jail.

“That’s why they pay you the big bucks,” She muttered.  


How to Become a Spy.

In becoming a spy the first steps are the most important. You must show the traits spy masters value most, blend, stealth, and agility. If you can manage to slip past police officers, stay anonymous in any crowd of people, and nimbly jump between buildings; you would be an excellent candidate. Exhibit your skills in public without being noticed. The spy masters will contact you. If you see them coming you wouldn’t want to work for them anyway. Good luck, M out.

Nursery Rhymes

The wheels on the bus go round and round in the air. The bus had crashed, tumbling off the road and down into the ditch, finally landing on its roof. The children inside, the ones still alive, were crying. The trip to their assigned bus stops had taken a dismal turn. The driver was still strapped into the seat, the impact from the barrier had knocked him unconscious.

The children tried to wake their friends, tears in their eyes. The wail of the rescue vehicles frightened them more.

Firefighters and police came to rescue them from the wreckage. They loaded them into ambulances and police cars. The officers didn’t notice that there were three missing kids. Their hands were too full to know.

The three little ones were loaded into a car. He had told them they would be safe with him and he would take them home. He drove away and called emergency number to report the accident.

He sang happy songs to them and they stopped crying. He kept driving. They fell asleep on each other wondering when they would get home. He carried the sleeping children inside one by one. He tucked them into a bed and gave them soft kisses on their foreheads.

The next day while the other children were released from the hospital to their loving families, the three awoke in a strange place. Scared they huddled together.

The man came in to see them, he smiled. A woman appeared in the doorway. A little one screamed. Their smiles became frowns. Terror silenced the children.

That night there were only two children in the bed.

They cried silent tears. Light flickered in the hallway the woman came in and patted their heads. They were still so scared neither of them moved.

“I will make you perfect ladies, so when I’m gone there is someone to replace me.” She whispered over them “Be good, good girls for him. Make him happy always.”


Austin looked at his watch. His ride was late, again. When it finally pulled into the drive he kept into the passenger seat.  He looked at his friend Ben.

“Thanks for the ride.” He said buckling in, “It would be awesome if you were on time for once in your life.”

“Pfft.” Ben wiped his hands on his pants before backing out of the drive. “There’s only so much you can expect from me. I only just got my license back. They’re just waiting for me to f up.”

“There’s a cop.” Austin said pointing as it zipped past.

“They’re going to pull us over I know it…” Ben said as the lights flashed behind them. They pulled over and the cop whizzed past.

“Awesome! Let’s roll!” Austin shouted excitedly.

Ben pulled back onto the road and they headed into the school. They fist bumped and headed to their classes. Austin ran and was only a few minutes late, sliding into the room as the teacher called his name.

“Captain Awesome is in the house.” He said sliding into his seat. He shoved his bag under his chair. He heard some whispering behind him. He flashed his winning smile in response to their quips.

The teacher droned on about complicated equations. Austin daydreamed. Math was one of his least favorite part if the day. He wanted nothing more than to be done with school. He was only stuck in the prison for a few more months. His goal was to survive until the summer.

“Austin can you explain why we use the quadratic equation in this problem?” His teacher asked.

A one hundred percent truthful answer would have been no, he had no idea. He knew what the quadratic equation was, but not really why they used it. Austin took a shot, “Because it simplifies?”

He watched his teacher groan internally. Austin smirked then caught himself, he didn’t want them to know his plan. The less he tried the more his teachers seemed to care. He would pull it like he always did, turn in everything late after begging for a second the week  before grades closed. He did decent on his tests. He would squeak out of high school with a c average if everything went according to plan.

He zombied through the rest of his classes. He managed to land a fry down Charlie’s plumbers crack, and get Ben to squirt milk out his nose at lunch. That was the highlight of the day.

After the final Bell rang he poured himself into the passenger bucketseat. And stretched out while Ben drove him home. 

“Did you see Stacy’s dress today!” Ben gushed about his crush, “She is so freaking hot.”

Austin nodded and closed his eyes. He couldn’t wait to be home. When they pulled into the drive the car hadn’t stopped moving before he was out. He ran up the steps, and through the door. He took a deep breath smelling his mother’s cooking.

“Meatloaf, potatoes, and apple pie, awesome! He said entering the kitchen.

“You seem surprised. I told you we were having this last night.” She said setting the  table. Austin plopped down at the table and started helping himself to food.  She stood at the counter watching her teenage son devour food without breathing.  “Ferocious as ever.”

“I’m not that bad anymore.” He said around a mouthful of food, “This tastes awesome mom!”

“Glad you like it.” She said with a sad smile.

He knew she just cooked for him, she could care less what she ate. Austin was pretty sure he was the only thing that kept her holding on. He did his best to cheer her up, but he felt like it was a loosing battle.  He washed up the dishes and she went to bed leaving him to his own devices for the rest of the night.

Before he went to bed he poked his head into his mom’s room. “Night mom.”

There was no response, their usually wasn’t. She had been asleep for hours now, but he made a point to always say goodnight. He had just climbed into bed when his phone jangled.

He checked it Ben had texted him “party at Stacy’s pick you up in 20.”  Sent 16 minutes ago.

Austin texted him back quickly “Awesome!”

He heard the car drive up and he hopped in. “So your early when we have to go to a party.”

Ben clenched the steeringwheel, “Dude I am so close to sealing the deal. You don’t even know! Her text had five smiley faces! ”

“Awesome dude!” He fist bumped his friend.

They arrived at the party and quickly disappeared into the crowd. Austin lost sight of his friend almost immediately.  He got himself a drink from the cooler and mingled. He saw some people from school but a lot he didn’t recognize. He hit on a few girls and struck out.  He decided to just enjoy the atmosphere and music. He saw Ben desperately following Stacy around but she seemed interested in everyone else except him. He laughed.

He was feeling tipsy when completely plastered Ben found him. He slurred “Let’s roll.”

“Let’s walk.” Austin said propping his heavily intoxicated friend up. He lead the way back to his house. “We will get your super awesome ride back in the morning.”

He dumped his friend on the couch, his mom wouldn’t mind, and headed to bed.

The next morning he got up dressed and headed to the  living room where Ben was still sleeping. His friend had puked all over himself and the couch.

Austin poked him in the ribs. “Get up dude.”

Ben groaned and opened his eyes squinting up at him. “What? Why am I here? Why am I covered in puke?”

Austin watched the realization sink in.

“Sorry dude… I’ll clean it up.” Ben said sitting up. He quickly ran to the bathroom.
Austin heard him barf and came to check on him. Ben had managed to puke on everything in the bathroom. He couldn’t help but be sarcastic, “Awesome…”

What happened after the glass broke

The glass droped to the floor. She stood there looking at the shattered pieces, her hands shaking. This was not who was supposed to walk through her door, back into her life.

“Hey,” He said dropping a duffle bag loudly.

“You don’t get to waltz back in here, like you never left.” She fumed, pulling her eyes away from the devastation that seemed to be an apt metaphor for her life. “You don’t get to say hey.”

“Cecilia, please…” He looked down at the glass “That one was from our wedding set.”

She was furious how dare he bring up their wedding. She marched across the shattered glass to him giving him a firm push. “Leave.”

“Your ruining our carpet,” he said quietly unfazed by her aggression.

“I don’t care.” She said wincing from the glass in her feet. Feeling a little regretful about the carpet dispite herself.

“Let me take care of that,” he offered. “Give me a chance to explain.”

She locked eyes  with him challenging him, sizing him up, ready to argue with him. She didn’t see any of the man who had left months ago. She hobbled over to the couch, “Fine.”

“Cecilia, I’m sorry I bolted.” He said softly as he picked the glass out of her feet. “I was so scared. I didn’t know what was happening to me.”

He took a small pile of glass to the garbage, his boots crunching over the last remains of the glass. He came back to her with a damp rag and cleaned the blood off her feet. He vaccumed the glass out of the carpet and swept it up in the kitchen. She let the silence hang there, unwilling to be the one to break it.

“I didn’t know what was wrong with my head. It scared me.” He said sitting down next to her.

“You disappeared, without a trace. That scared me.” She said, “It hurt every time I had to make an excuse why you were gone, because I didn’t know.”

He twisted his hands together, she knew he was nervous about something.

“What did you do?” She asked her tone sharp. “Or who did you do?”

“Cecilia, I…” He put his head in his hands, “I can’t tell you, but believe be it won’t happen again.”

She wanted to believe him. Before he had left he had been a wildman. He had taken down all the mirrors, would mutter to himself, and run through the house looking frantically for something. In one of his wild searches he had broken the first in the set of their wedding glass set. She had broken the other today. She eyed him suspiciously.

“Ill give you a probationary return.” She said after a long silence. She had to admit to herself she still loved him. She knew how she felt about him, how he might feel about her nagged at her.

He seemed relieved that she had at least partially forgiven him. “I’ll make up for everything.”

He touched her cheek. She remembered when they had met so many years ago. He use to touch her face all the time, until the madness had him then it was like she never existed.

“Tell me what you were looking for.” She said.

“I was looking for you. I knew you existed but I couldn’t find any proof. I knew I loved you, but you were not there. I had to get out of this place that was familar  but so wrong. It was like I was in someone else’s life where they never met you. It was torture. But I’m back now.”

She was worried it might happen again. She did not know why it had happened in the first place.

“You found all the stuff of us. You found our wedding album and chucked it. You broke the other glass. You screamed when you saw my wedding dress. You nearly burned the letters you sent me from your tour of duty. I managed to save most of them. You pretended I didn’t exist or you didn’t know me. Then you stormed out one day.”

He looked thoughtful. “Huh, I guess it went both ways.”

She arched an eyebrow at him.

“I found my way back to you, that’s what matters.” He said looking at his hands. She noticed his knuckles were bruised like he had been fighting.

She  nodded he was back, that’s what mattered. She hoped she would understand.