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My beautiful blue budgie, Lady Mr. Birdie Snow is like a toddler sometimes.  She won’t eat her fruits and veggies, in spite of four years and so many techniques to get her to do so. She demands attention all the time. Talking on the phone, bird in your face, and usually they can hear her squeaking on the other end. Doing dishes, bird in your face. Watching TV she’s singing along to the theme song, which is pretty darn cute. And she poops on everything, but hey she has to go every 10-15 minutes. That’s about my information limit on toddlers, they poop, they’re loud, they picky and I know they are a lot more work than a bird is. A bird is about as close to a toddler as I want to get.

She also likes to get her picture taken, SnapChat videos are her thing. She can hear herself squeaking on the phone and answers back its pretty cute. She can’t talk, usually that’s a male budgie thing, but she makes R2D2 noises and laser sounds. She likes men more than women, I think its the beards.She likes to do a ‘budgie run’ across the back of the couch and eat my hair while I’m watching Netflix. Birdie Bath Time is adorable, she runs in and out of the running faucet, this little fluffy wet budgie sticking her head in and looking surprised that she got wet.

And she terrorizes my cat Galactus.

He is a  15 lb sleepy kitty loaf with moments of uncontrollable rage. Cuddling on the couch and suddenly its time to run up the stairs then back down, and to the basement, and back up and across the couch, into his box fort, swat your butt when you walk by, then its sleepy cuddle time again. Cuddling for him means laying right next to you with maybe his front two paws on your leg, but too many pets and he’ll scoot a foot away.

When he was a baby (last year) he picked out a monkey toy and he carries it around the house like a trophy. Its cute now, but it use to be hilarious when the toy was as big as he was. He usually comes when you call him, and he can stand up to put his paws on our table. We have a step stool in the kitchen (Because I am short) and he uses it to see what’s cooking and beg for food or steal lettuce out of my salad.

He will literally eat anything. The most common saying in the house is “What are you eating?” Yesterday he pulled a piece of clear tape off the back of the couch and tried to eat it. I found it and he tried to eat it out of my hand while I took it to the trash. Cold hot glue droplets nom nom time. A scrap of paper, yummy. Any unattended beverage including my coffee this morning, free game. I was gone for like 30 seconds and his nose was in it. Tiny piece of potato chip from under the couch, yarn scrap from god knows where, sweat pants string while you’re not looking, all fine for him to eat. His own food that he spilled on the floor, nah.

He hasn’t tried to eat the bird, in spite of her dive bombing him and running up to his face on the couch.


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