She pulled the blanket up over her head. She was sweating but still felt chilly. A painful cough erupted from her chest, and snot flowed freely down her face no matter how often she wiped it away. Trying to breath through her mouth she felt her mouth fill with saliva signalling she needed to get to the bucket. The crackers she had managed to choke down came back up along with her cold medicine and all the water she had drank. She shuffled to the bathroom and dumped the bucket in the toilet and rinsed it out. She almost crawled back to bed and curled up her head spinning.

She passed out for a while waking up in the darkness drenched in sweat. She puked in her bucket and fell asleep again almost instantly. She woke up again her throat dry her nose clogged with dried snot. She gulped some water down and tried to clear her nose, which was rather ineffective.

She cleared the sleepers from her eyes and ate a couple crackers. She realized she had to pee and ran to the bathroom before the dizziness could seize her. She shivered without her blankets. After washing her hands she splashed some water on her face washing some of the sweat off of it. She went back to bed.

She managed to keep the crackers down, so she moved up to soup. She made herself a bowl pulling a kitchen chair up to the microwave so she could sit while she waited. She ate it slowly moving to the couch to watch some day time TV. She fell asleep half way through her soup.

She woke up and moved back to her bed when she regained consciousness. The sun woke her up and she went to the kitchen making herself another bowl of soup. She managed to eat the whole thing and stay awake for a couple hours before going back to sleep.

She ate more crackers in the middle of the night. She could finally breathe out of her nose again. She changed her clothes that were starting to smell bad and went back to sleep.

A shower washed the dried sweat off of her. She could breath normally again, and she stayed awake all day. She would be right as rain soon.

Another day of rest and soup she felt just fine. She called her boss letting them know she would be able to return to work tomorrow.





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