They approached the abandoned building. Hugo looked over at his friend nervously fidgeting from foot to foot. “You know what they say… Curiosity killed the cat.”

“That’s not the whole saying…” Donnie said looking at the house with glee. “Who knows what we might find in there. Curiosity is killing me, and the satisfaction will bring me back, just like the cat.”

Hugo sighed. “What if there’s a ghost or something? I’ve seen enough horror movies to know where entering an abandoned house leads.”

Donnie cackled. “Sure, sure there are ghosts in there. Just like your parents took the dog to the farm upstate.”

Hugo choked down a sob

“Now lets go satisfy that curiosity.” Donnie marched up to the front door and kicked it down. The rotten wood gave way easily and the doors crashed down together. They stepped into the dank house. The light was what sun filtered through the rotten roof and holey drapes.

“I don’t think we should be in here…” Hugo whined.

“Should we go to the left or right?”


“Right!” Donnie marched forward, “Great minds do think alike.”

“But fools rarely differ…” Hugo muttered trailing along after Donnie like a duckling.

“Do you think there might be treasure in here? Or something cool like that?” Donnie kicked down another door. They walked through the kitchen, rusty appliances and silverware still on the counter.

Hugo held onto the edge of Donnie’s jacket. “We shouldn’t be here…”

“We’ve only got a few more rooms to go.” Donnie said hopefully as they marched through the living room the ancient TV broken out and the couch torn to pieces. “Why do you think the people left?”

“Because its haunted.” Hugo muttered.

They both looked over the destruction of the living room. Lamps had been turned over broken glass scattered across the floor. The huge front window had been broken in. they turned down a narrow hallway, it was almost pitch black. Hugo trembled clinging to Donnie for dear life. They peaked in both bedrooms and the bathroom Hugo shrieking when he caught sight of themselves in the mirror.

Once the house was explored and they returned to the sunlight Hugo managed  to calm down.

“Why did you follow me in there if you were going to be so scared?” Donnie asked patting his friend on the shoulder.

“Because blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb.” Hugo said smiling.

“I thought it was blood is thicker than water?”


“Huh, well thanks for being brave buddy!” They fist bumped and walked down the sidewalk back home.


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