Gem eaters 2

She watched the car hit him, green glistening gems scattered across the road. She carefully collected the blood spattered gems from the edge of the scene carefully making her way closer. The ambulance came in the bustle she continued her collection. They started CPR and administered shocks, but she knew it was too late. The driver of the car was crying. Her pockets were full of the green gems, there were more to be collected. She pulled her bag off her shoulder and carefully started to fill it. The man was hauled into the ambulance, all his gems left behind. She had collected her dues.

She walked away from the scene as the police showed up, to them she was just another witness. A shrug, and a passive answer later they left her alone. She pulled a gem out of her pocket and crunched on it. It reminded her of a granny smith apple.

They were her sustenance, and she ate until she was full. She kept her eyes open for the omen of tiny drops of green crystals.

“I see you are still successful.” A silky voice said from the shadows.

“Have been for hundreds of years now.” She replied watching gems start to fall as an old man collapsed at the park.

She began collecting them. The presence was close behind her watching her work.

“Two in one day, impressive.”

“Its fairly normal for this city,” She filled her bag. “Sometimes four or five.”

There was silence from the darkness, then the presence disappeared. She shrugged and finished collecting the gems in silence. She munched on them in the park a ways away from the dead body. They were bitter, she gagged as she choked them down.

She finished them and sulked away trying not to throw them up. The presence returned.

“Every soul you return to me is always a surprise.”

“Why? You watched him die.”

“Its so quick and they are complete.”

She arched an eyebrow at the shadows.

There was some guilt when it spoke again, “I have over burdened you, being the best vessel in my employ. I did not realize you were returning three or four souls in a day.”

“Four or more.” She corrected rubbing her upset stomach.

“To assist you.” A teenager stepped out of the shadows. “He is new to the order. Please teach him.”

“Okay,” She agreed, the pain lessening when the presence disappeared.

“Are you okay?” The boy looked terrified.

She smiled the best she could. “Yeah, sometimes the souls are a little difficult to process.”

“We process souls?”

“Keep up kid.” She ruffled his shaggy dyed black hair. “Lets walk and talk.”

They walked out of the park and onto the packed sidewalks. There was an awkward silence. They watched a opossum chose an inopportune time to cross the road. Blue crystals scattered as the car continued on its way.

“Those are for you.” She said leading him across the crosswalk. He picked up a couple. “All of them.”

He gathered up all of them and stood looking up at her with confusion. “I’ve seen these before.”

She nodded, “Not everyone can. To do this job you kind of need to see them.”

“What do I do with them?”

“You eat them.”

He gaped at her. “But these came out of a dead thing!”

“Just do it.” Her face hardened and he listened, popping a gem into his mouth. She watched his face transform from disgust to wonder. He quickly ate all of them. She patted him on the back, “Good job.”

He followed her around, eating any all of the sapphire blue gems that fell.



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