“I feel like all I ever do is shed.” She dropped another ball of hair onto the ground.

Her friend picked a few strands of hair off of her sweater. “Like a cat?”

“Except more gross.” She muttered noticing all the hair on the seat she was sitting on. “It does wonders for our vacuum.”

“I’m sure it does.” Her friend picked up a book. “Mind if I borrow this for a few months?”

“It shouldn’t take you that long.” She said looking at the cover. She remembered it fondly, having read it several years ago. She couldn’t recall all the details, the overarching story was of a sister trying to find a cure for the other.

“It doesn’t even look like you read it.” Her friend opened the book and flipped through a few pages after browsing the back cover.

“I think it took like two days?” She pulled out more hair.

“Hum.” Her friend pulled a long black hair out of the pages of the book, “I guess you did read it.”

She blew extra air out of her nose, a half laugh. “This one shouldn’t have any boogers in it.”

Her friend just arched an eyebrow at her. “That’s gross.”

“It was a joke. Lighten up a little.” She pulled out her phone, “Let me take a picture of you with it so I know who has my book.”

Her friend bit the corner of the book while she snapped the picture.

“Did you  want to go out for a cup of coffee later?” She tucked her phone back in her pocket and looked over her stacks of books.

“Sure,” Her friend stuck the book in her bag. “Can I take a second book?”

“One at a time. I had to replace a bunch already.”

“Who took them?”

“I’m not sure actually, hence the photo.”

“What did they keep?”

“A couple of hardbacks.”



“Well, lets get that coffee.”

Together they left the house both with books ready to be read.



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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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