Her sadness was the reason that snow collected up under the bridges. Why it floated across the top of almost frozen lakes and rivers. It was why the snow clung to blades of dead grass and piled up around the base of trees. The bite in the air, the crunch of everything underfoot, it was all because she felt the melancholy.

The snow fell because he was happy. Streams of tears of joy down to the earth, only to be frozen by her icy bite.

When she was glad his joy became rain. Sucked into the earth with eagerness, and the plants were all thankful. When he was angry he would hold the rain off, leave the sun to beat the earth mercilessly. The sun stole all of her moisture, until she was baking and beaten. He would return with his life giving rain too late to save her feelings. She was already broken.

To try to repair their relationship while the sun was less forceful. His joyful tears could linger and heal.

She was slow to come around to him again. She left his apologies on the frosty ground. Eventually she would feel he had suffered enough and she would thaw. The air would warm and the plants would thrive. Their joy together.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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