Daily Prompt: Eyes

via Daily Prompt: Eyes

“The eyes have it.” He cackled at his own joke about the human optical system. The blank stares made him wonder if there was any thought going on in their heads at all. “While I was at university we had a teacher, who only had one eye. Now class what happens to your vision when you only have one eye.”

None of them raised their hands.

“Okay then, I would like you to discover this and bring me a one page paper about it.” He clicked through more slides, covering different areas of the brain and how they interacted with the whole body.

Granted the brain was not a high school students favorite subject, he still longed to have some rise in interest. “Human’s frontal lobe, the decision making part of your brain is not fully formed until you are in your mid twenties?”

There was no change in interest around the room.

If only they knew how it affected their decision making processes, choosing things now that would greatly impact their future. Choosing where they would go to college, if they went to college. What their degree would be in, what field they would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get into. With a sigh he continued his lesson.



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