Gem Eater 1756

Green gems drop from her fingers, glittering as they fall to the ground. They bounce away from her feet. Her sparkling crystal champagne glass shatters, mixing blood, and glass with the beautiful gems. It appeared no one noticed her distress, continuing to talk among themselves.  She let out a strangled cry for help and collapsed. Her wig fell to the ground beside her and the opulent dress she wore was stained with blood.

The entire congregation surrounded her. Some patting her cheeks others trying to revive her with smelling salts. One collected up the green gems having been scattered across the room by trampling feet.

She popped them into her mouth like green grapes as she walked out of the building.

“It will be like this forever.” She mused as a dark figure approached.

“I see my little servant has found another.” Silky smooth words flowed from the hood of the cape.

“It is my profession.”



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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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