“We can’t be the only ones in this universe, right?” Herrig folded his thin arms behind his head. “I mean there are planets in life zones. So it would stand to reason there are more like us out there?”

Kimma nodded her twisted, braided hair falling over her slender shoulder. “What if they’re smarter than us?”

“For us to find them they might have to be.” Herrig laughed, forcing air out of the gills on the side of his neck. “I mean we’ve been looking for hundreds of years for other life, how are we to find them if they don’t help. We’ve colonized four planets in our own system, we should be pretty easy to spot if they’re looking.”

Kimma picked at a scale on her cheek. Herrig slapped her hand away from it, blood oozing out from the base. She cowered away from the glare he gave her.

“Lets get to the station.” Herrig took her fingers in his and dragged her away.

The automatic doors swooshed open as they walked in, Herrig dropped her hand and allowed her to follow of her own accord. She rubbed the blood back into her fingers.

Herrig lead the way through the medical building where he worked. Kimma followed closely, keeping her eyes down. She assisted him though the workday, getting him everything he needed, then they went home.

“Kimma, would you be willing to travel to a new planet?” He asked over dinner.

“Like Limtin?” She refereed to their newest planet colony.

He rolled his eyes, “Like a brand new planet out of this system. There is some talk of an almost habitable they are looking for volunteers to start the colony.”

She shrugged. “I guess.”

He took her hands in his. “I am asking you seriously, would you want to leave this place behind and go somewhere brand new.”

She nodded, “I would go anywhere with you.”

“We may not get to the new planet in our lifetime, but it would be a good start at least.” He smiled, “Maybe we might even get to meet with some of the other life!”



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