The few streetlamps on the street lit about ten feet of pavement, making more shadows than they dispelled. The darkness seemed to be winning the fight as the lamps flickered out. Her footsteps clacked across the pavement echoing off of the buildings. Her palms were sweating as she hurried along. She stumbled over a piece of uneven pavement and fell to the ground with a squeak.

She examined her knee blood oozed through her ripped stockings. Hissing she brushed the gravel out and stood back up. She just wanted to go home now, but she had another few blocks to go. Her bag rustled against her thigh as it slid down her shoulder and stopped at her elbow. She pulled out her phone and sent a quick text. It buzzed back before she had a chance to set it down. She found comfort in the glow.

She didn’t hear the footsteps behind her, the shambling shuffling footsteps. She smiled and giggled at the text. It started to ring. She swiped to ignore it, continuing to text. She didn’t smell the stench of rotting death behind her, covered by the overwhelming smell of her own perfume.

Her stiletto  caught on a grate the streetlight flickered back on, impatiently she tugged her shoe out. The scream started before she understood what was happening. The creature reached forward and grabbed her arm. Congealed blood streaked down her sweater as its grip slipped down to her wrist. Flesh fell to the ground in chunks as it took another step. Her phone vibrated, ringing. It grabbed her other shoulder bones cracking as it collapsed onto her. Together they toppled to the ground, its blood pouring from its multitude of wounds into her mouth. She gagged, teeth made contact with her skin, splintered bone fingers pulled at her clothes. She could feel her blood pumping out of her neck.

Her vision faded as she fought weakly to escape her attacker. She had walked this way a thousand times, there was no news of the outbreak being in this area. Her phone buzzed next to her lifeless body.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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