The lights bobbed at the tips of his fingers. They danced around as he moved them like they were on strings. Hundreds of stars swirling around in the jar of vacuum all at his finger tips. Little more than a hint of movement sent them into disarray, coming to rest in new positions.

He thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever created. The life forms inside were simple and more than a little hostile but he had created them, they were his. The other students in his class had created much more advanced creatures, and systems that were far more complex than his little handful of stars. He had done the best he could and that was all that had been asked of him, he still only received a hardly passing grade.

So what if his creation skills were lacking a little. He had still created something, and that was better than nothing, maybe next time he would do better make more advanced life, but the little ones he had made were growing and learning, evolving. Maybe by the end of the project they would be more advanced than the others. They may have been hostile but at least they were smart.

He stuck his finger in and swirled the starts again. He hoped they would be okay when they were added in with the rest of the class. He hoped they would be ready to face the dangers ahead. The stars were so bright, so full of hope he couldn’t help but watch them float in the void.

He set the jar on his shelf and went to sleep worrying about his creation all night long, imagining them being hunted down and destroyed by the more advanced civilizations. His classmates had all made fun of his creation.

The next morning his teacher dumped all of their stars into the cosmic soup started by classes before his, he watched his small batch of stars come to rest, a swirl among many more swirls moving around. He was glad his was at the edge far away from all the others. It seemed like there were a lot of smaller clusters out near the edge, he guessed others who weren’t the greatest of creators got dumped there too.

Maybe his little star system stood a chance after all.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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