The Great Return

She heard the voices of dismay as she clawed her way from the water. They hoped she had drowned, like the innocent women before her. She kept the curses from spewing from her lips, destiny would find them soon enough. Her magic bubbled though her bloodstream wanting release, revenge. She choked the words down as mud caked her fingers and soaked clothes. She relished the sweet taste of the air, and stood up her legs weak, but functioning.

“She’s a witch!” She heard the holy man shout over the noise of the crowd. A pinch with her hand silenced him. If a witch was what they wanted a witch they would get.

She looked the woman at the front of the crowd in the eye, “Mistress Mary, I helped you deliver three healthy babies and this is the thanks you give me?”

The woman cowered from her withering gaze.

“All the good I did for this pitiful town and you decide to kill me?” She addressed the now silent crowd as a whole. “I eased your pains, cured your ills, and kept you safe, more often with knowledge than magic.”

A glance at the holy man told her he was still trying to argue with her, in spite of not being able to talk. The whole town had turned up to watch her dunking, and now they all cowered before her. It was as if they knew that one word from her lips could kill them all. They didn’t deserve that easy of a death, she thought, she had seen the things that would come to the town in her absence.

“Remember all the death you have caused.” She whispered and trudged away with her soaking wet clothes. An unnoticed motion released the holy mans voice. She went into the woods, it would be a new town a new name, and hopefully a different fate. Her house had already been burned, with her magic makings still inside. It would be difficult to recover all of the supplies, but not impossible.

The road to a new life would be long, her clothes drying on her back as she walked along with a little bit of magical help. A little more magic produced enough coins for her to rent a room for the night, she would have to keep moving for now.

On the road she found a poor man who was lying injured on the road. She healed him with a few words, he paid her with a coin for her help. She wished him safe travels.

After months of traveling she settled down in the city. A few modest healing spells on children and mothers quickly got the word out about her amazing skills. She would keep a lower profile here than in her old town. Most people didn’t know her name or where she lived. She would just appear when people needed the most help. Sometimes she even helped without people’s knowledge. Keeping a board from falling on someone with a flick of her wrist, stopping a child from running into the street, alerting someone to danger before it got too close. Small things she promised herself, only small things.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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