Character: Edmund

Named by his well read parents for the character in the Chronicles of Narnia  by C. S. Lewis. He had a fairly normal childhood, friends, rebelling against his parents, school work. No extraordinary events for this brown hair little boy. His studious nature was encouraged by his parents, his mother, Assistant Processor in Anthropology and his father, Director of Excellence for a large corporation. He played baseball through high school. He grew to be tall and lanky. College was a breeze for him, he graduated with honors.

He had trouble finding a job in his field of Mathematics that suited his schedule, and remained unemployed for a year after graduation, moving back in with his parents. His home town seemed too small for him now that he was grown. He dated a variety of women but none suited his taste. He returned to his university to get a masters degree, which would allow him to pursue the career he dreamed of.

A part time job in IT and graduate student teaching saw him through to finishing his degree. His parents were both so proud of him. A car accident threatened to take all his hard work away, three weeks in a medically induced coma and two lost limbs showed him his true love, his physical therapist.

Unrequited love  broke his heart. He couldn’t find the passion in anything anymore. Solving math equations did not hold the spark it use to. Trying to derive theories  and prove that the advanced equations held true under strenuous conditions even trying to find more digits of pi was unfulfilling.  His family was concerned about him.

Many years later, as an older gentleman, he realized his of math again. He opened a tutoring facility for the inner city children who lived only a few miles from his parents home, where he currently resided.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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