Picture perfect.

She poked at her soft doughy belly. It reminded her of pizza dough, both in color and texture. Her nail polish on those prodding fingers had mostly chipped off and was just jagged circle in the center of each nail. She lifted up her boobs, heavy in her hands, enjoying the cool breeze on their sweaty undersides. She held them where she thought they should sit then let them go to flop almost painfully onto her rib cage.

She picked her nose and tried to fling the slimy booger away from her without getting up. She felt her butt jiggle as she walked to get a tissue or something. A receipt from the grocery store came up first and she dutifully threw it out resisting the urge to just leave it on the counter. She realized she had to pee and went to the bathroom, the sound of her pee echoing through the house since she didn’t need to close the door. The cat and dog came to join her. She petted them and they sniffed her undies before she shooed them away, where they watched from the doorway. She washed her hands and sprinkled water on her pets. The dog took it but the cat scurried out of the way.

She flopped back onto the couch to watch her show. She felt everything shake as she deposited herself into the cushions. She picked at the ingrown hairs on her legs, that she vaguely thought she should shave and didn’t want to. Vaguely bored she wiggled her thighs trying to decide what she wanted to do with her day.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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