She was to be the princess. She couldn’t believe it. She touched the antlers on her head. She had always thought them to be a curse, not a sign of royalty. Now strings of pearls and gems ran between them in sparkling lines. The gown she wore was more opulent than anything she had ever seen. Seed pears and gold thread ran over the whole thing. Delicate lace lined the hems of the skirt and sleeves.

She let her hands drop to the necklace around her neck, a heavy ruby. An heirloom from her royal bloodline. A week ago she had been nothing more than her villages outcast, now she was going to be their ruler.

She walked into the great hall where the royal family was seated on the dais. Her delicate hands held up the front of her dress so she wouldn’t trip as she walked up the aisle of people. She saw a few faces she recognized, people who would ridicule her, and spit on her. She cowered out of habit. Her family smiled encouragingly. The jeweled shoes were had to walk in.

She took her place on the smallest seat on the dais. Her mother took her hand.

“It’s so good to have you back.”


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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