Gentle winds blew across the field where they grazed. Hunters eyes coveted their horns and their hides. Even their bones were useful, being ground up to add shimmer to makeup. Their intelligence was overlooked in favor of their usefulness and value in gold. Often babies were stolen from herds at night to be sold as pets for huge sums. Products made from the rare beasts were the ultimate luxury.

They were aware of their hunters. Often staying awake for days to keep their young from being stolen. The herds could ward off predators at close range with ease, their gleaming horns deadly sharp. Their current pursuers used range to their advantage, their only defense was escape. Arrows often pierced their hides unnoticed until they were safely out of danger. Healing was difficult with their constant running.

Their forests were hardly a sanctuary anymore with the hunting. Its lush trees and foliage left plenty of hiding spots for their adversaries to hide.  They used their magic for camouflage and healing instead of tending to the needs of the forest. They all knew that if they were gone there would be no one to protect the life inside the forest from the gold hungry humans. Precious plants and animals that were just as rare as the unicorns would be exploited.

The most precious and sought after were the gold coated unicorns. They protected them the most fiercely from the hunters. Golden unicorns held the most powerful magic. Their golden babies were the most precious to the herd. Emerald unicorns, had the least magic but blended into their lush forests allowing them to be the most common in the herds. There were also ruby, sapphire, and silver unicorns that had varying levels of magic ability.

The humans were constantly looking for the legendary black unicorn, dark as night, and swifter than the wind. It was little more than a myth among unicorns themselves. Sometimes a dark shadow would distract hunters from their pray and they were thankful for it. The distractions would allow them to escape into the forest away from the humans who were always hunting for the rarest of the rare.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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