The date had gone prefect. Dinner had been lovely, she showed just enough skin but not too much. It was the only nice dress she owned. He had been polite and nice the whole night.

They both stood in the yellow light of her porch lamp. Crickets chirped in the humid night air. A few fireflies danced off in the forest. He had said how much of a great time he had all the way home in the car. This was their third date, she knew what he was expecting.

She reached up and cupped his clean shaven cheek with her hand pulling him in close. She saw him close his eyes and she leaned close to his ear.

“Come back when you have beer and tacos.” She whispered and pulled away pushing her door open and retreating. She watched him through the peep hole standing on her porch bewildered.

He came back next Friday. He held up a bag of groceries and a four pack of craft beer. She opened the door, “Nope.”

He sent her a text that said “I know this great authentic Mexican joint on main and first.”

“No.” Was all she sent back, all she wanted were some simple tacos and cheap beer. She didn’t know why he was making it so complicated.



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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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