Super Usless

After The Event, everyone was special. Citizens had become super. There were people who could fly, make sonic waves, produce fire, turn invisible, you name it they had it. Mine is to sparkle. You heard right folks, sparkle. What am I going to help? A disco party? I’m pretty much the laughing stock of the world, it would almost be better if I didn’t get a power.

I was sitting in my apartment with my friends, who decided their super names would be X-Ray, Frost, and John. I chose Flash. They decided Glitter Fart, Twilight, and Unicorn Poop were better. Since they got their powers they’ve been jerks.

Frost flipped through the channels, not finding anything satisfactory to watch. “Twinkle should get expanded cable.”

“You going to pay for it?” I snapped. Frost looked at me with her cold blue eyes. The chill in the air grew so intense the heat kicked on.

“Settle down.” John punctuated his statement by breaking my table. “Its not his fault that he got a stupid power.”

I flopped down onto my favorite blue chair, you can’t really argue with someone who could literally rip you in half. “Ever wonder why no one has turned super villain yet?”

“You thinking of becoming the first? You’re evil agenda is to cover the world with sparkles?” Frost laughed.

“Can you guys go…” I asked holding my head in my sparkly hands.

“Fine, this place is a dump anyway.” Frost was the first one out the door.

John came over and put his huge hand on my shoulder. “Don’t take it to hard.”

X-Ray just nodded at me.

With them gone I was finally able to relax. I scratched my arm and a rain of glitter fell onto my carpet. All the ever did was make fun of me, I was a laughing stock. I ruffled my hair and silver strands fell out. I missed my old hair. I missed being normal.

“Maybe I will be the first super villain, we will see who is laughing in the end.” I started planning.

In secret I drew up my plans, every jibe from Frost bolstered my resolve. Every name they called me made me want revenge, particularly on Frost. She would be my nemesis, and I would destroy her.

My plans were in place. Frost got a few more jibes in before I had enough.

“Pocket glitter!” I shouted throwing glitter into Frost’s face. She screamed trying to get the glitter out of her eyes.

“What are you doing?” John asked.

“I’m standing up for myself.” I proclaimed, “I will have my revenge against the Ice Queen.”

I threw glitter at John and he smacked me across the room. I dodged out the door and scurried up to the roof. I was shining beacon in the night. I reflected every ray of light the night had to offer.

Frost was the first one up the steps. I dodged her icy daggers. I pulled another handful of glitter out of my pocket and threw it at her face. She couldn’t dodge the sparkly cloud that floated towards her sped up by the wind.

John came up behind her and carried her back downstair

“You are going to be the worst villain ever!” She screamed at me. I smirked, if I could defeat Frost, maybe I could be the best villain ever.

The wind whipped around me shimmering as it passed. “Flahbang! The greatest super villain ever!”

“You’re a dick!” Came a shout from my upstairs neighbor.

I ran downstairs and knocked on their door. When they opened it I threw glitter in his face and shouted “Flashbang!”

I ran away as fast as I could. Anyone who laughed at me for my sparkling got hit in the eyes with glitter. They weren’t laughing now.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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