Lost Girls

Peter Pan had his Lost Boys. They were our inspiration. A group of kids who banded together to survive. We called ourselves the Lost Girls. Me and two other runaways started it years ago. Our leader calls herself Wendy to the new recruits, her real name is Peggy. She and Antonia ran away to be together at thirteen, they found me starving in a warehouse. We’ve been together ever since. We’ve gained new members since then, orphans, runaways, anyone needing shelter for a night or two.

Some stay around. Peggy and Tony screened the new members making sure they are loyal to our girls. I start the training. We are in a rough part of town most of the buildings are abandoned. We have claimed about a block for ourselves, mostly warehouses. I usually hang out in the training space.

“Babes we got a new recruit.” Tony told me as I practiced kicking the bag.

“Got it.” I grunted.

“Who’s face this time?”

“Give you three guesses.” I knew she had a pretty good idea who’s face I wanted to be kicking in.

She sighed at me. “I’ll bring the girl.”

I nodded my braid swinging and hitting me in the butt. The new girl showed up an hour later.

“Max?” She asked approaching cautiously.

“Yep.” I grunted stopping my treadmill.

“Wendy sent me here.” She said as I stepped off dripping in sweat.


“You’re going to train me?”

“Yep.” I grabbed a towel from a bin. We were well equipped after so many years. “Any skills?”

“I can run fast.”

“Show me.”

She stepped onto the treadmill. She was a tall lanky thing her strides took up at least two of mine, and she was decently fast. Not quite up to running supply raids yet, but she might be able to outpace a bike cop. I don’t get any of the background on the girls, but here is supposed to be a fresh start. Only Peggy and Tony knew my story, and that’s how I wanted to keep it. I nodded approvingly. She was out of breath quickly. I made a note to work on endurance with this one.

“Anything else?”

She shook her head.

“We’ll work on that.” I told her. Then I showed her around the compound, and set up a training schedule to get her up to snuff for raids. She would be responsible for herself here.

I went to shower off in the residential quarters. I dressed in my usual black clothes and headed to the headquarters.

“Any raids planned?” I asked, I helped pick teams if I wasn’t going myself.

Peggy looked at me worried. “Something is wrong with Tony. Shes been acting weird lately.”

“What do you mean?”

“Restless. She can’t sit still. I’m worried shes going to run away from us.”

“To where?”


I knew Peggy was worried about Scarlet, a troubled girl who had joined our ranks and nearly destroyed us. She started her own group, she was like our Captain Hook in the Peter Pan analogy.

“Tony isn’t going to leave you. You’ve been together for nearly seven years.”

“I still get worried.” Peggy said rubbing her forehead.

“The Lost Girls need both of you.” I rubbed her back the way that I always did when she was freaking out about Tony. “Tony knows that.”

“I guess, how is the new girl?”

“Fast, that’s about it. She should be ready to help more soon.”


We walked out of the headquarters, and it was back to business as usual.

“Can you deter the police tonight.” Peggy asked. “Flu is going around.”

I nodded, I liked reroute the police missions. Sometimes they came by to check out what all the noise was about. I headed down to the street.

“Time to do my job.” I said excitedly in the twilight. I saw the cop car coming down our street. I flagged them down. “Can you help me? I need directions.”

“Miss call a taxi if you need to go somewhere.” They said dismissively, they drove off.

I walked the streets waiting for the next one to come by. We needed to keep them away since we did weapon training with all the girls and sometimes it got out of hand. I dodged some of Scarlet’s scouts, their territory almost bumped against ours.

I ran a solo mission for supplies, mostly feminine hygiene products, we were always low on those. The cops sent over two more patrols during the night, I distracted them from the lights in the warehouse.

Peggy freaked out over Tony more in the following days. The new girl got trained and fit in well with the other girls. Tony was the same as always. Things were pretty normal in the clubhouse.


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