“Don’t bleed on my floor.” The magician said looking at his young apprentice’s disheveled appearance.

“I’ll try not to.” The apprentice said clutching his side.

She flicked her fingers at him, lifting the fabric of his clothing to examine his wound. “Now if you had done your studies in healing this wouldn’t be a problem.”

He shuffled past her. “I should have gone with Master Milo.”

The remark cut deeply, she had been fighting to be recognized as a magic user for most of her life. Things were not going well with her first apprentice. She rubbed her dark eyes. “Come here and we can review healing and get you right as rain.”

He walked back over to her, and lifted his shirt.

“Now touch your fingers here, and repeat after me.” She spoke the arcane words to heal him. He repeated after her and his wound stitched itself up.

“I got that thing you wanted.” He said holding out a frosty orb. “Why did I have to get it?”

“Because that’s how I learned.” She snapped. “You need to learn the practical side of magic not just the theoretical use.”

“Charlie with Master Milo doesn’t have to go find stuff.” He whined as she took the orb over to the enchanting book.

“Does Charlie know how to summon a horse spirit?” She said placing the orb on the stand and beginning to chant.

“I can’t even summon a horse spirit.” Her apprentice said.

“Well I can teach you.” She placed the orb on the ground and snapped her fingers. A huge ice stallion appeared in their tiny work space. She led the horse outside and picked up the orb. “You keep this with you and when you snap your fingers ta-dah horse.”

She showed him the spell in the book, it was a fairly simple summoning spell. The hardest part was finding the summoning orb.

“I’ve got to run some errands, would you like to come along?” She smiled kindly hoping he would, for learning purposes.

They went into town. She picked up supplies for potions and explained each of the properties to the boy. She spotted one of her childhood rivals walking towards them she tried a deterrent spell but it didn’t take, she was too nervous.

“If it isn’t the little witch.” The woman said. The Sorceress saw her apprentice unable to take his eyes off of her.

“Master Babette,” She corrected. “I believe you are now mistress to the Ovenstine clan?”

She gleefully saw the fire ignite behind her rivals eyes.

“I see you’ve taken a younger lover.” Her rival said fanning herself from the heat of the scandal.

“Abracadabra.” The magician shouted, the other woman flinched and nearly fell to the ground in terror. “Oh… you’re still a bitch.”

She left the scene the other woman standing there in shock. Her apprentice had to run to keep up with her. She had no patience for people who disrespected her, she had put up with that enough though her training. She could see new respect, and possibly fear in her apprentices eyes.

“Can I use that?” He asked as they left the market.

“What toadsfoot, of course you can.”

“No…” He stumbled over his words.

“Boy, you can stand up for yourself when you need to.” She smirked. “Make sure you know its a fight you can win. I can show you how to win fights.”

He nodded agreeing to her terms.


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