The Fischer family moved into the little house a few months after they had met with the realtor. Jamie, Ward, and Angela were all excited about the new city and the new house. Their tiny apartment in the city was getting to be too small. Their new house had five bedrooms plenty of space for their growing family. Ward had gotten a new job and Jamie was still looking. Angela would start kindergarten this upcoming year.

They moved all their boxes in and let Angela pick her own room. She chose the one that already had toys in it from the previous owner. She was excited about the new toys and started playing with them right away. Jamie and Ward made dinner with the boxed food they had brought from their apartment and called Angela into the kitchen to eat. Angela gushed about her new friend that she had made. They played together in her room. Jamie and Ward exchanged worried looks over their pasta.

“Angela how can you have a friend over, we only just got here.” Ward said kindly.

“She lives here with us.” Angela said happily.

Jamie’s face paled. That night once Angela was tucked in and sleeping Jamie stayed the room watching for anything strange. The toys were all over the floor so she cleaned them up not wanting to step on and break any of the antique toys.

Ward went in to get Angela up in the morning. He picked the toys up off the floor and put them in the basket before getting his little girl up. She sleepily got up and shuffled behind him to the kitchen.

“Did you sleep okay in your new bed?” Jamie smiled over the stove.

“Yes, my friend spent the night with me so I wasn’t scared at all.” Angela fiddled with her spoon looking very hungry. “She is very nice.”

This talk of the friend was making both of them uncomfortable, they hoped that Angela didn’t pick up on it. Angela went back up to her room. They could hear Angela playing. She seemed happy so they didn’t worry too much.

A few days later Angela asked for a setting at the table for her friend. They complied not wanting to upset her adjustment to their new house. The only thing that was upsetting was they couldn’t seem to keep the place clean. Toys kept appearing around the house even after they had cleaned them up.

Jamie went to check on Angela one night feeling uneasy. The toys were dancing around on their own. Jamie stumbled back into the hallway and ran to wake Ward.

“What?” Ward asked sleepily.

“The toys were dancing on their own…” Jamie said frantically shaking Ward to wakefulness.

“Well then call the priest.”

Nearly a month later he arrived, he looked around for a bit. Prayed and sprinkled some holy water on the toys. He placed a line of holy water and salt across the doorway to the room.

“That should keep the spirits quiet.” He said bowing and leaving the house.

There was an unease throughout the house. Angela was now sleeping in their room. She was scared now. The door to her room was opening and closing without anyone touching it. She didn’t want to go anywhere near her room now. Angela spent her time playing in the living room close to her parents.

“It’s getting worse…” Jame muttered over dinner. “We need more help…”

They placed a call to an exorcist she came out a couple days later. She briefed them on what they needed to do to help the rights be observed. She started chanting, they could all feel that something was wrong. The lights started to flicker, then an unearthly scream echoed though the house as the light bulbs burst.

They found her on the ground when Ward had gotten a flashlight from the garage. Jamie quickly called the police. Once they arrived took pictures of the scene bagged the body and called a week later, they determined that the exorcist had died of a heart attack after the autopsy, no foul play. They quickly dismissed Jamie’s insistence that the ghost had done it.

Ward was cleaning the attic when he found some old journals from the man who had owned the house before them. They read them together, and found that a little girl named Ava had died here. A thief had broken into their house while her parents were out. She had been left with a maid who had run away as soon as the man entered the house, leaving Ava alone. They had come home from the show and found Ava’s body in the garden her dress covered in dirt, her tiny face bloated and her neck splotched with bruises. Ava’s father was distraught over the loss of his daughter, he blamed himself. The authorities had investigated there was a newspaper clipping pressed between the pages. It detailed the investigation, proving the little girl had been brutally assaulted and murdered when she was left alone. Her father had buried in the garden unable to be away from her.

“I’m guessing Angela’s friend is Ava, I don’t think she knows what happened to her.”  Ward sighed.

“Do you want to tell the ghost girl that shes dead?” Jamie’s voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Maybe if we can show Ava her body and she will move on.”

“You want to dig up the girls body, that’s even better.”

“I think it will work.”

“Okay well that’s all you,” Jamie pushed away from the table and went to bed.

The next day Ward got Angela to get Ava, and bring her outside. He saw his little girl, supposedly holding onto the hand of the dead girl. “Do you have Ava?”

Angela nodded, “Shes happy daddy.”

Ward pulled the decomposing box from the ground, the stench from it was terrible. “I think this might be her.”

Angela walked right up to the box. She looked at the space next to her. “It’s okay Ava, we will play together again some day. Right now you need to go home to your own mommy and daddy.”

Ward was proud of her bravery.

“Bye bye Ava.” She said waving. “Daddy shes gone now. I’m going to miss her.”

He wrapped his daughter in his muddy arms. “She’s where she needs to be.”


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