Ghost Girl

The little girl sat in her room playing with her dolls. She owned them for as long as she could remember. They danced together and played in the doll house. She stayed in her room exclusively. She would laugh and play alone in her room. One day a strange woman came in.  She looked around the room, the little girl was scared she hid under the bed, leaving her dolls laying on the floor. The woman left and she crept out from her hiding spot, she went back to playing with her toys.

Soon after there was a new little kid in her room. The new girls name was Angela. They played together, but Angela had to leave when a woman called her. The woman would sometimes come in and give Angela good night kisses and read her stories. The little girl would lay in bed with Angela and pretend that it was her mother reading her stories and giving kisses. Angela asked her to come out to the living room the little girl followed. She brought her dolls along.

The little girl stayed in the living room playing all night with her dolls. She went back to her room in the morning, and played with her dolls there. Angela made her feel like she was part of the family. Angela had her parents set up an extra spot at the table for the little girl. She liked to sit with them and listen to them talk.

The father seemed to be getting nervous about her being around all the time. The little girl stayed in the room more and more. Angela tried to get her to come outside, the little girl didn’t want to.

A man in a black robe with a white collar and a cross around his neck came in. She didn’t like how he made her feel. He tossed holy water on her dolls. When she tried to play with them it hurt. She cried and slammed her door. She heard the mother scream. She couldn’t walk past the door even when she opened it again. Angela wasn’t allowed back to play with her.

This made her very sad she wanted to play with Angela and her toys. She sat on the bed unable to do anything except sit in her room. She could hear Angela playing in the living room. The little girl opened and closed her door trying to see what the little girl was doing. A woman came into her room, chanting in a  strange language that made her hurt. It felt like she was being pulled apart. She screamed for the woman to stop, the light bulb burst.

The chanting stopped the woman was laying on the floor clutching her chest. The girl was able to leave her room. She crouched next to the old woman. The father ran over and shook her, Angela looked terrified in her mothers arms. The little girl cried for the old woman, her tears fell to the ground near the old woman’s hand. The father looked at the ceiling.

Angela pulled on her mothers sleeve. “I don’t think she wants to hurt anyone…”

The girl shook her head, she didn’t want to hurt anyone.

“She’s scared, and alone…” Angela whispered looking right into the little girls tear filled eyes. “She wants her family.”

The girl hid under the bed while men in blue suits marched around the house. She could hear their heavy boots stomping on the floor. She waited until they left before she crept out into the hallway. Angela was standing there looking at her.

“I want to help you,” Angela said extending her hand. The little girl took it. Angela walked them out to the garden. It had been a long time since the little girl had been outside. The last time was when her own father had taken her out there to play.

Angela’s father was standing near a rose bush, a muddy shovel was on the ground next to the hole, along with some books. Angela pulled the little girl to her father.

“Do you have Ava?” He asked working on pulling something from the hole.

It had been such a long time since she had heard her name she had forgotten it. Ava smiled at hearing it again.

“Shes happy Daddy.” Angela said beaming.

Her father gagged as he pulled a rotted box out from the hole. “I think this might be her…”

Ava felt a strong pull to the rotting box. Something very important was inside, but she was scared. She held tight to Angela’s hand.

“It’s okay Ava, we will play together again some day. Right now you need to go home to your own mommy and daddy.” Angela reassured her squeezing her hand as they both stepped close to the box. Ava placed her tiny hand on the rotted wood and it started to shimmer. She felt warm everywhere. She smiled at Angela and waved. “Bye bye Ava.”



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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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