She clicked the start button. The secondary module opened for character selection. She selected her lower level character, Wolf. She logged onto the server. The guild chat booted up, and her character loaded. She clicked through her inventory, and ran to the store.

“I need more ammo…” She muttered clicking though the merchant menus.

Sisumi- Hey Wolf! Glad you’re back!

Wolf- Anything new?

Sisumi- Nothing really. Hunter said she would be on later.

Wolf- Cool.

Sisumi- Need help?

Wolf- I’m good, just leveling up.

Sisumi- Cool. Let me know if you need company 🙂

Wolf- TY 🙂

Stocked on ammo, and a few first aid kits, she went to the quest board. She selected a fairly easy quest for Wolf to take on, “This looks good.” Wolf warped out to the planet surface. She had Wolf sit back and snipe the more powerful baddies, before running forward and shooting the weaker enemies with a pistol. She ran around until Wolf’s inventory was full then returned to the ship. Wolf ran to the store and traded his items, she watched his credit count climb and bought more ammo. She headed back out to the planet surface. There were a couple other characters around this time. She didn’t have public chat up, Sisumi’s message was still in the corner of the screen.

Wolf ran around murdering aliens and gaining experience, she swapped out equipment as she found better stuff. She completed the quest and leveled up. She headed back to the ship, and deposited a few items in the guild inventory.

Hunter155- Thanks!


Hunter155-Did you happen to find a golden sheet while you were out there?

Wolf-Nope, why?

Hunter155- Need it for a quest. That auto riffle you put in here is primo.

Wolf-Thanks? I’ve got a better one already.

Hunter155- I can never find good ones…

Wolf- But you’re a higher level than me!

Hunter155- I know…

She took Wolf back to the quest inventory. She was looking the list when she had to pee.


Her mom was in the hallway when she tried to run to the bathroom. “Oh I was just going to get you, dinner is ready.”

“Okay cool.” She hurried past her mom. “I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Can I turn off your computer?” Her mom asked.

“NO!” She shouted from the bathroom. She washed her hands and ran back into the room. “I’ve got to log off!”

She slid across the floor and landed in her computer chair as he mom reached for the power button.


She clicked log off and the game powered down, her mom waited impatiently. She clicked shutdown and sighed as her mom backed away from her computer.

She followed her mom back down stairs. “I don’t know why you have to play that game as man.”

“I have a girl character too…” She said sitting down at the table. “She’s max level.”

“Bah! Get your father in here.” Her mom said carrying food to the table.

“His show is on…” She said sticking her head into the living room.

Her mom poked her head in, “Come on get food.”

“I’ll eat in here.” He said pointing at the try table.

“If he can eat in there can I eat in my room?” She asked.

Her mom grabbed the kitchen remote and turn on the TV, “The point of family dinner was to eat together! No more TV or computer for the rest of the night. No screens or virtual reality, just real reality! We will play a board game!”

They all sat down at the table a little dejectedly and ate. They argued about what game to play, all she wanted was to get back to her game. Her dad just wanted to get back to his shows. Her mom refused to let either one of them leaving the table, trying to get them all to bond. After fighting all night no one was happy. By the time they were all done the servers were down for nightly maintenance. She sat on an alternate chat they used out of game. No one came online.

“Fine…” She muttered finally going to bed and laying there because she couldn’t sleep. Eventually she passed out and hoped she would get more play time tomorrow.


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