“Do I get a magical transformation sequence?” I asked playing my hand of cards, they allowed me extra magic force, and if I rolled a five or six extra critical damage and evasion. My joke only got death stares.

“Ass, you already have a magical transformation sequence.” My friend Tane muttered.

“I do not…” I lied. Tane may have his suspicions, but he didn’t have any proof.

“Pola, you totally do.” He said wiggling his eyebrows at me. “No one can look like a moon princess and not have a magical transformation sequence.”

I made a gross face. “Is that what you’re talking about?”

“Roll the dice.” He said giving up, I rolled a six, much to his dismay.

“Cas you’re up.” I said totaling up my points and writing them on the score card. Cas played his cards, damaging the monster, but he rolled a two so he received massive damage.

“I play healing potion on Cas.” Tane laid down his card. “And cast ice shell on the monster.” He rolled the dice. “Ice shell does not take, monster smacks me across the room.”
“We are getting our asses handed to us by this monster.” I said.

“His health is half gone.” Cas sounded hopeful.

“Tane is our healer and hes out of health potions, hes been rolling garbage all game, if the monster hits either one of us we could die.” I sighed. “I’m calling this one a loss. Initiating run away.” I played my card that let me teleport away from danger.

“You’re just going to leave me here?” Cas whined.

I rolled my eyes, and rolled the die, “Fine, ranged attack.”

Tane’s mom screamed down the stairs at us, “Pola your mom is on the phone!”

“Coming!” I raced up the steps, and took the phone out of her hand. “Mom?”

“Hey Sweetie I’ve got dinner ready, I’ll be by to pick you up in a few minutes.” She said.

“Okay mom.” I knew there was no arguing with her. I hurried back down the stairs. “Guys I gotta go my mom is on her way over to get me.”

“I guess this is an all loss game.” Cas said.

“We can pick it up next time, we need to get more XP before we face something that big again.” I said picking up my score sheet and token.

I waited by the front door for my mom to arrive, Tane’s dad was sitting in his recliner watching westerns. I waved at him to be polite. My mom arrived on time and beeped her horn at me, I ran to the car excited for dinner.

“How is my little angel?” She said ruffling my hair.

“Good, we didn’t beat the monster though…”

“Maybe next time.”

I nodded. She inspected my face closely at the red light. She licked her thumb and rubbed it against my cheek.

“Wearing makeup again I see…” She said, I knew she was actually asking who I got in a fight with this time.

“I can’t just stand by and let them bully people.” I said defiantly.

She sighed.

“Would you let them bully some helpless kid?” I folded my arms. “Plus they don’t know its me.”

“I wouldn’t get involved in something that wasn’t my business.” She concentrated on the road. “How do they not know its you?”

“I have my ways.” I said snottily, I would rather her be mad at me than know I didn’t really need my glasses, or that I had managed to break the kid’s nose and cheek bone.

“Fine, just don’t get hurt. Its just the two of us, no going to jail.” She smirked.

“No one will find out.” I promised, being a total nerd mean I was under people’s radars anyway.

We walked into the house, and sat down for dinner. “The homecoming dance is coming up, did you want to go dress shopping?”

I shrugged, I wasn’t one for dresses, plus wearing a skit was part of my vigilantly outfit. If I looked like a popular girl my cover would be completely blown.  “I think I’ll just wear one that I already have.”

“Are you sure? I was planning some mother daughter time…”

“We could do something else instead.” I said shoveling food into my mouth. “Those dresses are way too expensive anyway.”

“I was saving up to get you one…” Mom said pushing the food around on her plate.

“What’s up?” I said around more food.

“You remind me more and more of your dad, I know you never met him.” She sighed. “I know why he had to leave, but I wish he knew about you. You two would get along great. But sometimes I wish you liked girly stuff a little bit.”

“I do…” I really did, that’s why my vigilante persona wore a skirt, high heals, and a tank top. Usual me wore sweat pants, baggy shirts, dirty sneakers, and glasses   I couldn’t tell my mom that of course. I also couldn’t tell her that I beat the absolute crap out of these guys.

“Can we go clothes shopping at least?” She pleaded.


We went to the mall the next day and I picked out my usual clothes and then stopped in the game shop. Mom refused to come in with me. I fawned over the new figures that had just come in. A new expansion map was available. I came out having spent just as much money as my mom had on clothes for me.

“Can you be a girl for like five minutes?” She laughed after I had told her all about the new game pieces.

“I’m a girl every time we play a match,” I said laughing knowing that is not what she meant. Then I spotted him. The kid who was picking on Cas yesterday. “Mom I gotta run to the bathroom, I’ll meet you at the food court.”

“Okay…” She said looking at me like I was crazy as I ran to the bathroom.

I changed quickly, I usually wore a tank under my shirts anyway, I pulled the skirt and shoes out. I threw my normal clothes and glasses into my bag and slipped under the still locked stall door. I sprinted out of the bathroom tearing the hair tie off of my ponytail and shaking out my hair as I ran.

“Hey!” I said catching up to the bully. “Do I know you?”

“No, but I want to know you…” He said. “Where do you go to school?”

I ignored his question, “Do you know Cas? Hes a dorky little dude?”

“Yeah I think I beat the crap out of him the other day.”

I smirked. “I’m glad I’ve got the right guy.”

I kicked him in the shin and as he doubled over to cradle it I punched him in the face. He was holding his nose cursing at me. He took a clumsy swing and I blocked it with my forearm. I socked him in the stomach. A quick leg sweep and he was on the ground crying. I strutted away, having defeated my enemy. I went back into the bathroom and changed back into my usual clothes and shuffled out of the bathroom with my stuff. I met my mom in the food court.

“You look like you’ve done something bad…” She said eyeing me.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said trying to sound serious.”I just went to the bathroom.”

“Sure…” She sighed, “I guess there’s no stopping you.”

“Nope.” I said smiling. I think she secretly approved.


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