Totally a Horror Story

He looked out the window at the dreary rain, the streetlights had flickered on casting an eerie glow about the area. Ominous figures scuttled down the street hiding from the rain. The television reception flicked with static, setting his nerves on edge.

“Stupid satellite…” He muttered flicking through the channels to find one with better reception.

The shadows lengthened casting gloom around the room. He sat in the near darkness with the flickering television. He was nodding off when there was a knock on the door. He sat up startled. He looked through the peephole. A dark shadowy figure stood in the hallway.

“Its just Steve.” He said trying to reassure himself. “I’m not trying to reassure myself, I can see his face.”

He opened the door cautiously.

“I just flung the door open if you’re going to narrate do it properly.” He muttered, his words falling on deaf ears.

Steve walked in and promptly helped himself to food in the kitchen. “Anything good on tonight, Indy?”

“Nothing much, a movie maybe?” He said flipping channels.

Steve came back with a bowl of chips, “Sorry I forgot my key again.”

“Its okay,” Indy said looping his arm over Steve to comfort himself. “And I’m not scared.”

“I know you’re not scared.”

Indy sighed.

“Lets watch that one.” Steve said and Indy hesitated in his channel flipping.

Darkness fell around the room, the only light was the television. The wind whipped trees at the windows, creepy sounds emanated from the branches on the glass. The rain intensified, tapping out a staccato rhythm on the window.  The static interrupted their show causing Indy to jump.

“I didn’t jump.” He muttered defensively. He munched on chips to hide his fear. “I’m not scared, we’re watching Love Actually.”

Steve looked at him like he was crazy. “Who are you talking to?”

“No one.” Indy said getting up to get more food. The popcorn he was making sounded like gunfire, he shifted nervously from foot to foot. “I’ve gotta take a piss…”

He hurried through the darkened hallway to the bathroom flicking on the light as soon as he got to the room. He couldn’t meet his reflections eyes, terrified it might not be him in the reflection. He lifted the lid and peed as quickly as he could nervous to get out of the bathroom as quickly as possible.

“Will you quit it, this not a horror story.” He tried to convince himself. “If anything its a romantic comedy.”

He denied his fears and they grew deep in his gut. Uncertainty and worry gnawed at him.

“It is not.”

He grabbed his popcorn from the microwave and headed back to the couch.

“Whats up with you tonight?” Steve asked concerned.

“The narrator of the story keeps making this into a horror story. Its just a rainy night, where we are watching a movie together. Nothing sinister is going on.” He said still in denial. “I am not in denial!”

“It’s kind of dreary outside.” Steve said. “Maybe its making you crazy.”

Indy shrugged, trying to dismiss the accurate descriptions of his feelings.

“They are not accurate!” Indy screeched in terror. “And I am not scared. I am having a good time with Steve.”

“I’m having a good time too.” Steve said smiling.

“So he gets accurate descriptions?” Indy muttered. A loud commercial roared to life and Indy jumped. “I did not jump.”

“Lets just watch the rest of the movie…” Steve said soothingly.

Indy begrudgingly settled down to watch the rest of the movie, his nerves raw.

“My nerves are raw because of you.” He muttered hatefully under his breath. “This story is over.”


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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