Paper Cranes

She stood next to the headstone. Tears streaming down her face, it still hurt after all this time. Her shoes were caked in graveyard dirt, her nose cold from the wind. She wiped the tears with numb fingers. The colorful flowers she had brought seemed out of place in the bleak cemetery. She knew the person laying in the cold ground would have liked them.

“A million paper cranes, a well full of wishes, all the flowers I could bring, would not bring you back…” She whispered sitting down in the snow melt wet grass. “I wish I could… Even for just a minute to tell you everything.”

Her sobs echoed through the empty cemetery. A warm hand patted her on the shoulder, she stood up and turned into his arms.

“Sweetie…” He whispered softly into her hair.

“I’ll be okay…” She hiccuped.

He was warm in the cold air. Her cheek rested against his now damp shoulder. He didn’t say anything and she was thankful for that. He left her alone with her thoughts. She flopped into the car, he took her hand comfortingly. It was good to have someone to hold onto.



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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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