“I don’t want any funny business.” The teacher said to her kindergarten class. They were silent still scared about starting school. “We will have recess as long as we get through the alphabet at the end of the day.”

The children nodded excitedly. They loved recess.

She started a get to know you game and all the kids had fun, they read part of a book together, and did their alphabet. They ran outside to play as soon as z-za-zebra was out of their mouths.

She watched them play from the door. There would be no controlling them while they were out there. Their parents came in to get them. She greeted each one of them and told them how their child’s first day had gone. Most of them looked as tired as she felt. The children ran to their parents when they stepped through the door. Soon there was only one little girl left. The teacher went over and sat next to her.

“Is everything okay?” She asked the girl.

The little girl nodded, “Just waiting for my daddy.”

“Why don’t we wait inside.” The teacher suggested holding out her hand for the little girl to take. The girl followed her inside. They sat together, the teacher gave her some papers to color. She telephoned the office to let them know there was still a student in her classroom. They told her she would have to wait there until her father showed up.

The teacher sat down and did her plan for the next day. Colors, shapes, the book, and alphabet. The little girl colored away.

Finally her father showed up. The teacher was a bit taken aback when he popped in panting.

“Daddy!” The little girl yelled running into his arms.

“Sorry, work ran a little late.” He said scooping her up and swinging her around. “Thank you for staying with her.”

She gaped at him like a fish before managing. “You’re welcome. Have a good night.”

He left and she fanned herself. He had been gorgeous!

“He has a kid, who’s your student no less. He’s probably married. Get over yourself.” She scolded.

“We’re going out for drinks tonight wanna come?” Her coworker asked.

“I’ll be fine, I’ve got a bunch of work to do anyway.” She said packing up her bag and walking out the door with them.

She headed to her car and went home still stuck on this guy. She really needed to get him off her mind before tomorrow. She had thought she managed to do it until when he came to get his daughter the next day, just as late, she found herself in the same situation. She scolded herself for drooling over this guy.

She confessed her feelings to her best friend who told her to go for it.

She couldn’t though, when she tried she froze in the wake of his amazing eyes when they locked with hers.

Eventually the whole school year had gone by and she had never gotten up the nerve to do it. The last day of school she sat at her picture covered desk, the little girl was reading a book from the bookcase waiting for her dad.

She hadn’t been paying attention when he came in and he scared her so badly she nearly screamed.

“Thank you so much for staying after all these days with her.” He said.

“It was no problem, I would be here anyway making lesson plans.” She said tucking some hair behind her ear.

The little girl ran over to her and gave her a hug. “Thank you!”

She hugged the girl back, “You’re welcome.”

“Take care.” He said taking his daughters hand.

“You too.” She waved. She resigned herself to her fate, she would never be able to ask him out now. He seemed so happy with his daughter, it made her happy too.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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