She had crawled under here to hide in a game of hide and seek. She never expected to find a box. She pulled it out and surrendered the game to her friend. She opened it, it was full of pictures of her. She thought it was sweet until she pulled some of them out. They weren’t like normal photos. They were from bushes and far away, sometimes through windows. She pulled out newspaper clippings the headlines read ‘Missing Girl, Family Desperate.’ and ‘Looking for Leads on Missing Girl.’ the article attached to it had been cut off. She carried the box down stairs.

“Mom what’s this?” She asked

“Oh its from when you went missing. I’m glad they found you.” Her mom said “I wanted to remember so you would never get lost again.”

“There was one that said ‘Missing Girl Never Found.’ all the pictures in this book are from before the fire.”

“It must have survived.”

“The whole house burned down, the only photos we have are of the past few years.” She said pulling out some pictures of when she was really little. “These articles are all dated a few days after the fire. Mom whats going on?”

Her mother gave her a smile that was supposed to be comforting, instead a shiver went up her spine. “Sweetie, what brought this on?”

“Am I the girl in this article?”

“You were missing for a few days after the fire, we don’t know what happened while you were out there, but you came back to us but you had lost your memory.”

Something about what her mom was saying wasn’t ringing true. She decided to drop it.

“You are very special, sweetie.” Her mother said standing up and giving her a hug. “And I love you very much.”

“Love you too mom.” She said heading back to play with her friend.

She talked to her friend about it, her friend brushed it off as most parents are weird.

“Maybe I’m adopted.” She shrugged, finally giving up on the mystery.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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