Thunder and Cats

The rain fell in great buckets, drenching the street into glistening blackness. It tapped on the roof and the windows, begging to be let in. Raindrops raced down the glass. The heavy odor of ozone permeated the apartment. Lightning flashed outside followed by the rolling thunder. The wind whipped the tree branches against the siding.

Hermes the cat cowered in the corner. He hated thunderstorms. He wanted nothing to do with the bright lights or the loud noises. Nothing good came from bright lights and loud noises. The table he was under did not offer enough protection and he was still nervous.

His owner came home and scooped him up. He was fluffy and scared, but his owner made him feel safe. He purred to comfort himself and her soothing words calmed him down. She climbed into bed and he hid under the covers at her feet. The rain slowed and the wind stopped. Every lightning flash had a softer thunder clap. His owners feet were warm.

Hermes was safe again, he played with her feet until she kicked him out of bed so she could sleep. He came back purring for forgiveness and she let him sleep on her pillow.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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