It was bright, beautiful, and blazing hot. There was no where else I would rather be than laying out in the sunshine, and feeling the breeze. Cool clear waters of the lake lapped at the rocky beach that lay before us. Scratchy grass tickled our legs and arms. It was dying from the lack of rain. We lay there for hours the sun baking us brown and sweaty. Scratchy grass stuck to our legs as we got up. We sprinted down to the water splashing into the shallows. The cool water soothed our scorched our skin. Smiles plastered across our faces as we dove beneath the glassy surface. My hair was plastered to my neck when I surfaced with a gasp.

I memorized his face, every water covered inch. The way the bring sunshine glinted off of the water on his eyelashes. The way the water sent ripply reflections across his skin. The way his hair stuck up all over the place from running his hands through it. I wanted to remember it all forever. I wanted to remember the coolness of his skin and the heat of the sun, the chill of the water and the pebbles under our feet. I wanted to remember the strength of his arms as they pulled me though the water, the laughter that rang through the empty lake.

We raced through the water, swimming, splashing, and laughing. We dragged our tired bodies out of the water and collapsed onto the scratchy grass. The sun dried us with its now slanting rays. Cool breezes raising goosebumps across our backs. We trudged across the baked asphalt to the car. Suffocating heat emanated when we opened the doors.

Gravel crunched under the tires as we drove through the tree lined streets. Wind whipped through the windows. Deafening music pounded through the speakers. We could hardly hear ourselves think let alone talk. I reached over and took his tanned hand, warm and strong in my own. He smiled just for me. Warmth spread through me, not from the heat outside.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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