Grand Canyon

“Our world is delicate, fragile, linked to all people’s feelings and love.” Grandpa said. “When we love things grow, trees, flowers even mountains. When our love breaks so does our world.”

The group of kids were mystified by their grandfathers story. There was one skeptic. “Really grandpa? How does the world break?”

“The cracks in the sidewalk, the valleys, the holes in our world.” He said.

“What about the Grand Canyon?” The little skeptic said.

Grandpa got lost in thought, looking off into space above all the little kids heads. “That is a very sad story are you sure you want to hear it.”

The little kids all nodded their heads excitedly.

He took a deep breath.

“There once was a man who had never caused a crack. He hadn’t felt any heart break. He loved only on the surface. He had not allowed anything to grow either. He kept himself guarded. He had friends and family who loved him with all their hearts. Their love made the flowers bloom for him.

He saw the cracks in the sidewalks and didn’t think anything of them. He didn’t understand, he didn’t know how someone could get hurt from love. Then he met a girl.

Everything he had thought before was wrong. He made flowers bloom and trees grow. Their love made grass grow in the cracks and holes of the world. Just looking at how deeply in love they were gave other people hope that they would recover and love again. He loved her so fiercely, with every bit of his heart. She loved him back. Every look they exchanged showed their love.

He believed they were meant to be together forever. She did not feel the same way. He found out in the most heart breaking way that she had fallen in love with another. He came home to find them, she looked at this man the way he looked at her. His heart felt like it shattered into a million pieces. She was his true love.

He could hear the ground tearing itself apart. He had given her all his love. Outside the greenery was dying. A huge canyon had opened up delving into the earth thousands of feet. He walked to the edge of it looking into the rift. He could hear her laughter caused by the other man. The canyon grew and stretched. He lost sight of it. Every thought he had made the canyon grow.

He was never seen again after that.”

The little kids looked at him in awe.

“Now its not all bad. Slowly other people’s love made the greenery slowly grow back. The river down the middle is also from love, a turbulent but strong love. People who were inspired by their love, hopeful people who had caused cracks and holes. They were not afraid to love just because they might get hurt, but because there would be more people to love.”

The little kids smiled. One little girl sat in the corner crying for the poor man. Grandpa smiled as several little kids went over to her and hugged her till she felt better. Her smile made him smile.



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