She ransacked his belongings while he slept. She hadn’t expected to be caught up this way. Her mission was to find the key and get out not sleep with him. Searching frantically she started to panic, her mind racing.

He had been so charismatic so charming, she had the hardest time pulling herself out of the fantasy. She knew she might get terminated for falling in to bed with a target, her only chance was to get the key. She searched his whole house pulling dishes out of cupboards, clothes out of closets, and junk out of drawers. She even looked through every pair of pants he had to find it. It was nowhere.

She could hear him moving around in the bedroom. She was making too much noise. Taking deep breaths to calm herself, it wasn’t helping. She rushed around trying to find the stupid key.

“Wendy, what are you doing?” He said sleepily coming into the kitchen where she had every pot and pan out on the counter.

She stood there awkwardly in her underwear. She had no idea what to say.

“Its too early for breakfast.” He muttered looking at the clock on the wall. “Come back to bed.”

She nodded and followed him back to his room curling up next to him. He pulled her close wrapping his arms around her. She lay there stiffly trying to relax. She really did like him, but she had a mission to complete. Once he was snoring away again she extracted herself from his embrace and started looking around again.

It was nearly morning before she found it, pressed between two pages in a book. She tucked the key into her bra for safe keeping. She got back into bed and pretended to wake up next to him.

“Don’t you have to go to work today?” She asked him rubbing fake sleep from her eyes.

“Yeah…” He muttered rolling over.

She rummaged around his destroyed room and found her clothes from last night. She dressed and headed to the kitchen.

“I’ve got to get going.” She said.

“I’ll call you again some time. Last night was fun.” He said mostly into his pillow.

She grabbed her purse and slipped out the door leaving his place in ruins. She whipped out her cellphone. “I got it.”

“Your methods are unusual…” The voice on the other line said. “We will be watching you. You will be at the rendezvous point in twenty minutes. No excuses.”

She nodded and started running, she flagged down the first taxi she could find. She hopped out before it had finished moving and made a mad dash for the cafe.

Her trainer was seated in the back corner, looking at his watch impatiently. She sat down across from him.

“Cutting it close aren’t you.” He said.

She sat there panting for a few moments before handing the key over. He took it without saying a word, examined it, then placed it in his pocket.

“You are excused.” He said waving his hand dismissively.

“Aren’t you going to give me my next mission?” She should have been given a packet with her next target.

“Your actions are under review.” He said, “You are a civilian until further notice.”

She hung her head, at least she hadn’t been terminated. The secrets she had now were a threat to the organization, if they let her go it would be a death warrant. Since she walked away alive it meant she had done something right.

Halfway down the street she noticed her tail. A man in a coat was following her. Maybe she hadn’t been so lucky. She tried to shake him, but he was good at his job. She stopped and turned around suddenly turning to chase him. She managed to get a look at his face, it was the guy from last night.

“Wait,” She yelled people were turning to look at her as she chased after him. He took a sharp turn and disappeared down an alley. She followed him but couldn’t see him anymore, she didn’t know what way he had gone out the other side.

“Maybe they should terminate me, if I couldn’t catch one tail.” She muttered to herself walking dejectedly down the street. She looked through her phone for the number he had given her last night, she gave it a ring. Her purse started ringing.

“What…” She dug though it to find his phone with her number displayed. She looked between the two phones. Another call was coming in on his phone. She didn’t know if she should answer it or not.

She decided not to and dropped the phone on the ground. Her new mission was to be a civilian, and she would do that perfectly. She blended back in with the crowd leaving the ringing cellphone behind. She didn’t want to have any more black marks on her record. She went back to her normal home life with her cat, becoming inconspicuous. She hoped she wouldn’t have to wait too long for them to reinstate her.

The sniper on the roof of the building looked at the petite girl holding two cellphones. His orders were clear, shoot if she answered. She looked like she was going to, she nearly hit the button then surprisingly she dropped it on the ground. He had expected her to at least put it back in her bag. She was quite unorthodox, she had been good in bed too. He smirked as he followed her with his scope making sure she didn’t turn back to get it.

“All clear,” He said into his microphone. He put the gun back in the case and left it on the roof for later retrieval by the team  he sprinted down the fire escape and blended back in with the crowd.


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