The Six

There use to be six of us, now I’m alone. We were all so cold but at least we were together. The journey was rough and all of us were glad of our protective ship. We got glimpses of the strange world with blinding lights. No one was expecting the first abduction. One second everything was fine the next an alien pried our ship open and stole one of us. We heard him crunch.

We panicked there was no where for us to go. We didn’t know when it would be back. All was quiet for a long time we settled down expecting the great beast to be satisfied. There was another raid on our ship the same creature took three at once. With the last two of us it was time we accepted our fate we would be destroyed by this ravenous monster. We did not think it would end this way.

Soon it was just me, alone in our ship. Maybe it had forgotten about me. I prayed to join my companions. Nothing happened. I grew old alone. I wished my company had survived. Suddenly the ship was flying again. Elated I guessed I would finally be getting home, my joy was premature. The ship dove downward and crashed it’s protective cushion was not enough, I felt my life oozing out of a thousand cracks. I was finished, dieing, a few more seconds before the most valuable parts would escape. Something huge and heavy crashed down into the ship crushing it and finishing me off.


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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