Le Sabatour

“If we aren’t married when we turn 35 we’ll marry each other!” Lacy said holding her hand out to shake on it.

“We’re only 15, that’s kind of a long way off.” Phillip warned cautiously reaching out to grasp her hand.

“It gives us plenty of time.”  She gave his hand a hard shake. “The pact is sealed.”

Philip had been hoping that she would move down the age just a bit. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing to marry his best friend.

Within a week Lacy had a new boyfriend. He tried to be happy for her,but he felt betrayed. He even tried to find a girlfriend of his own to make her jealous. The month dragged by, Lacy and her boyfriend were still together while Philip burned through a string of girls. He couldn’t make himself feel happy for her. Every time he saw them together, every time they kissed, every time they held hands,  tiny seeds of jealousy planted themselves.

Three months went by, and when it was obvious that this relationship wasn’t going to fizzle out like all his had he decided to do something about it. Summer vacation was next week and would be the perfect time to stir the pot.

The day after summer vacation started a rumor about her boyfriend’s real plans for summer vacation. It quickly spun out of control, and Lacy heard none of it until she returned from her family’s yearly road trip the week before school started.  The first day of school they broke up.

Phillip felt bad that he had started the fight. He heard that her now ex boyfriend had taken the break part seriously and was glad he hooked up with those girls. He had been bragging to a group of his buddies. Phillip was also glad that she was available again.

He comforted her while she cried over the ass who had broken her heart. He got her ice cream and cookies to cheer her up. He supported her through the break up.

It was three years later they were heading off to different  colleges. They promised to keep in contact. They moved away called, texted, and Skyped, to stay in contact. They both scoped out the possible dating pool, Phillip shot down every suggestion she made. He was good at finding flaws in the guys she wanted to date.

It took her another two years to find someone to date again. It happened too fast for Phillip to stop. They had met in class and ran into each other studying in the library, he asked her out that night. She told Phillip the next morning. He said he was happy for her, and he really was at first.

She dated him for two months before inviting Phillip to meet him. Phillip was trying to date again but again his relationships all fizzled out in the first  week of going out.

The first time he met her boyfriend he hated him. Her boyfriend was athletic and strong. The only consolation was that he didn’t seem that smart. Phillip was sure to exploit this weakness. He tried to plant seeds of doubt while still being supportive.

He told her this one might be the one. She was so excited. Phillip went back to his college. She dated this man for two more years, she  graduated and her boyfriend had dropped out. Phillip saw his chance at graduation.

“Where are you going to go after this?” Phillip asked, he still had semester left.

She shrugged. “I don’t know, depends on what Troy wants.”

“He shouldn’t hold you back.”

“He’s not.”

“You have a degree in space engineering, you could make so much money. You should go where your job takes you.”

She glared at him. It was a look he knew well, he was right and she didn’t want to admit it. He went back to his college and before he had finished his last semester Lacy called him crying. Her and Troy had broken up. He secretly celebrated.

“Troy didn’t want to leave town to check out my best job prospect. It was a huge fight and we broke up.” She sobbed, “Good news is I got the interview, I need someone to drive me out there in two weeks.”

“That’s awesome!” He felt elated.

“Would you be willing to help me get out there? I would pay you back for gas.”

“Yeah! Of course! I’ll be done with school next week.”

“Thank you!” She sounded obviously relieved.

They took turns driving. She got the job and they celebrated with drinks. Phillip tried to flirt with her but she obviously just saw him as a friend. He helped her move out there. She seemed so happy. He was sad to have to leave her out here. He got a job and the year had finished out. He was twenty two now and couldn’t believe how quickly the time was passing. He visited Lacy again for her twenty fifth birthday. She was doing great and was too busy with work for dating.

He dated  a little, nothing seemed to click.

When she turned twenty seven work settled down and she found a guy online who seemed really great. She talked to him for hours about this guy. It took Phillip all of five seconds to find the guy. He fired off a quick message to get some information. The guy was a total tool. He decided to give him some dating advice, the info he gave was all of her turn offs.

The date went terribly. She vented for two weeks about how terrible this guy was.

She continued to try to find matches online. Most of them were bogus on their own. One guy managed to get two dates.

He visited her again for her thirtieth birthday. She had gotten a promotion the year before and was busy again.  She seemed happy they were celebrating with drinks and indulging a little too much.

“Hey do you remember that promise we made at fifteen.” She slurred.

“Which one?” He asked.

“That we would marry each other at thirty five if we didn’t find anyone.”  She said, “Are you dating anyone?”

He shook his head, he had broken up with his most recent girlfriend a few months ago. 

“Okay so this might sound completely crazy but why don’t we get this show on the road. We could get engaged and just get it over with.”

“I’ll think about it. ” He finished his drink. He was staying at her place on the couch.

The next morning he had a massive hangover. His memory was fuzzy Lacy came into the kitchen and made coffee.

“I’m sorry I asked you that last night…” She said. “I guess I’m just getting a little desperate.”

“Huh?” He rubbed his forehead.

“You don’t have to keep the promise if you don’t want to.” She muttered.

“When have I ever broken a promise?” He said.

She was quiet for a while. “I don’t think you’ve ever broken a promise.”

He smiled.

“I have another confession for you. I really do want to want to marry you, I’ve wanted to for a long time. I may have sabotaged some of your past relationships…” She said.

He was surprised that  she has done the same thing he had been doing.

“Why didn’t you just tell me?”

“I was scared you didn’t feel the same way.”

“Well lets do this thing then.” He said smiling.


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