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“‘It wasn’t’ she said.  ‘It wasn’t my fault” She reading the report out loud to the court. “Why would you say that then plead guilty?”

The girl on the stand shrugged.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it can’t be a coincidence that her story would  change so drastically after being interrogated by the two police officers with the most false confessions on record.”

“Objection!” The persecution shouted.

The judge have him a salty look. He had objected at every point she presented, the judge was getting tired of the interruptions.  “You do that again and I’ll hit you with an obstruction of justice.”

He sat down with a huff.

“You can see her interrogation lasted 36 hours. And you can plainly see the tactics the officers employed to get her to confess to a crime that she didn’t commit.” She paced past the stand, “The evidence submitted to the court even points that she couldn’t have done it. The wounds were inflicted by someone at least a foot taller and one hundred pounds heavier.  The victim fought back, but my client had no injuries. She is just a scared little girl. The defense rests.”

The court case droned on for five more hours. The persecution was throwing everything at them, but the facts were on their  side. In the end the jury decided she was innocent. She spoke briefly with the girls parents, who had hired her, before leaving for the day.

She wished every case was that easy to win. Tomorrow’s case would be difficult.  The evidence was very circumstantial over half of it had already been thrown out. A few wrong words and she could blow the whole thing and send an innocent man to jail.

“That’s why they pay you the big bucks,” She muttered.  


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