Nursery Rhymes

The wheels on the bus go round and round in the air. The bus had crashed, tumbling off the road and down into the ditch, finally landing on its roof. The children inside, the ones still alive, were crying. The trip to their assigned bus stops had taken a dismal turn. The driver was still strapped into the seat, the impact from the barrier had knocked him unconscious.

The children tried to wake their friends, tears in their eyes. The wail of the rescue vehicles frightened them more.

Firefighters and police came to rescue them from the wreckage. They loaded them into ambulances and police cars. The officers didn’t notice that there were three missing kids. Their hands were too full to know.

The three little ones were loaded into a car. He had told them they would be safe with him and he would take them home. He drove away and called emergency number to report the accident.

He sang happy songs to them and they stopped crying. He kept driving. They fell asleep on each other wondering when they would get home. He carried the sleeping children inside one by one. He tucked them into a bed and gave them soft kisses on their foreheads.

The next day while the other children were released from the hospital to their loving families, the three awoke in a strange place. Scared they huddled together.

The man came in to see them, he smiled. A woman appeared in the doorway. A little one screamed. Their smiles became frowns. Terror silenced the children.

That night there were only two children in the bed.

They cried silent tears. Light flickered in the hallway the woman came in and patted their heads. They were still so scared neither of them moved.

“I will make you perfect ladies, so when I’m gone there is someone to replace me.” She whispered over them “Be good, good girls for him. Make him happy always.”


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Writing short stories and flash pieces.

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